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Item #: SCP-3728

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All 231 instances of SCP-3728 are kept in a secure locker within Site-77. All tests involving SCP-3728 require level two approval, and are restricted to D-class. D-class subject to testing may only be struck with SCP-3728 a maximum of three times.

Description: SCP-3728 are 231 large squeaky clown hammers produced by ███████ Incorporated. Each hammer is composed of a long red shaft with several serrations, and a double head, blue in coloration, with ringed edges. SCP-3728 is non-anomalous when used to strike most surfaces.

SCP-3728's primary anomalous effect manifests when either of the two heads are used to strike a human subject. The head of the hammer will exert a random, disproportionate force, larger than that exerted, regardless of how hard the object is swung, or in what manner its head makes contact with the human subject. SCP-3728's primary effect defies normal physical expectations, most especially when producing forces that would, otherwise, result in severe physical trauma.1

SCP-3728's secondary anomalous effects manifest approximately two minutes post impact. Individuals will be rendered blind, deaf, or mute for a random period of time. The exact effect rendered, and the exact duration have no correlation to any known factors, other than the number of times an individual has been struck using a single hammer.

SCP-3728's tertiary anomalous effect involves the amplification of the primary and secondary effects upon each successive strike with the object. Due to the highly erratic and potentially dangerous nature of the object's tertiary effects, further testing with D-class has been limited to three strikes. (See Experiment Log E-3728).

Discovery: Foundation personnel became aware of SCP-3728 following repeated police reports involving a number of adults, adolescents, and children suffering from symptoms congruent with being struck by the object. Notable examples from these reports include the sudden disappearance of and fusion of individuals with solid objects, animals, or persons. Areas documented as having received a shipment of SCP-3728 also reported an increase of symptoms concurrent with the object's secondary effects. Foundation probes orbiting Neptune and its moons detected a number of corpses in the orbit of Triton shortly after discovery of these reports. All corpses with remaining distinguishable features have been identified as prior owners of instances of SCP-3728.

Further investigation by Foundation personnel traced SCP-3728 back to a single allotment of hammers produced by ███████ Incorporated at a toy factory just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Upon interrogation and record inspection, 32 previously undocumented employees were discovered to have clocked in each day during the week of SCP-3728's production. Cross examination of public databases revealed that no individuals matching the names or physical descriptions of said employees existed. When questioned, factory floor managers indicated that said employees had worked at the site for the entirety of their employment history, while claiming no knowledge of the current status or whereabouts of said individuals.

Analysis of receipts and financial records indicate that all 231 instances of SCP-3728 were sold to households containing two or more children aged 4-10. 51 of the objects were recovered at locations other than the indicated residence of said individuals.2 All individuals subject to or witness of SCP-3728's effects have been treated with class A amnestics, as per containment procedures.

Experiment Log E-3728:
The following section of this document contains all experiment logs relating to SCP-3728. It should be noted that all experiments occurred prior to current containment procedures, in a standard testing chamber. Modifications to further testing protocols are noted at the end of each test. Prior to each experiment, the subject was equipped with a Spacio-Temporal Absolute Location Key Reader (STALKER) device and a specially designed force meter.

Test Name
Number of times previously hit:

Test Name E-3728-01
Operator: D-34501
Subject: D-356702
Number of times previously hit: 0
Instructions: D-34501 was instructed to strike D-356702 with SCP-3728 using a full swing.
Result: D-356702 was subjected to a force equivalent to a small hand grenade. The resulting force incapacitated D-34501, while lifting D-356702 into the air roughly 12 cm, and propelling her backwards 72 cm. Attempts to question D-356702 about her current physical condition were met with confusion and panic, resulting in the subject's sedation, due to loss of hearing, which lasted for 2 hours and 17 minutes. A small dent was noted in the testing chamber floor.

Test Name E-3728-02
Operator: D-34501
Subject: D-356702
Number of times previously hit: 1
Instructions: D-34501 was instructed to tap D-356702 with SCP-3728.
Result: D-356702's relativistic bubble collides with the northernmost wall of the testing chamber following the tap. The subject's force meter registered an exertion equivalent to the impact of a 155 mm howitzer shell, resulting in a concussive blast which killed D-34501 upon impact. D-356702 attempted to respond to post testing questioning, but was unable to form words, resulting in a series of grunts and distressed squeals. Loss of speech lasted 15 days. Testing was temporarily halted due to severe damage to the floor, ceiling, and walls of the testing chamber, and to remove the remnants of D-34501. Subject displayed mild signs of physical trauma, including slight bruising.

Following this, future tests were conducted using a remote controlled robotic arm. The testing chamber was upgraded with blast resistant materials composed of reinforced concrete.

Test Name E-3728-03
Operator: Robotic arm by level 2 researcher Dr. O'Briens.
Subject: D-356702
Number of times previously hit: 2
Instructions: Dr. O'Briens was instructed to strike D-356702 with SCP-3728 using a half swing.
Results: SCP-3728's testing facility was destroyed in a concussive blast. Security footage, stored electronic force meter readings, and recorded STALKER measurements have allowed personnel to reconstruct the events which lead to the destruction of the facility. D-356702 came in contact with SCP-3728's head, which promptly unleashed a force of 10,000,000 N3 launching D-356702 through the facility's walls, shortly before the explosive force destroyed them. 5 research personnel and 32 D-class were killed in the resulting blast. Due to her immediate ejection from the atmosphere, it is currently not known what physical trauma D-356702 suffered post-strike.4 Current STALKER readings have pinpointed D-356702's corpse in orbit around Jupiter.

Following this test, a specialized facility was constructed using materials harvested from [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] under the belief that such materials would be sufficient to prevent further explosive events when testing with SCP-3728.

Test Name E-3728-04 and 05
Operator: Robotic arm by level 2 researcher Dr. Samuels
Subject: D-368210 and D-367739
Number of times previously hit: [REDACTED]
Instructions: Dr. Samuels was instructed to strike both D-class with SCP-3728 at full swing.
Result Test 04: D-368210 was struck first, after having been secured to the testing facility floor following violent protest. The subject's force meter was unable to quantify the resulting force, and D-368210 vanished upon impact. No significant damages to the facility or nearby personnel were noted, though a number of individuals in Site-77's primary compound complained of headaches and reported a tingling feeling at the time of testing, with one member of the janitorial staff having reported a "blur". D-368210 was later located 3 km from Site-77 in a large rock formation. The subject had become fused with the rocks at the knees, and was suffering from several concussions, and complete macular degeneration, before being removed via amputation.

Result Test 05: D-367739 was struck with SCP-3728 at which point an aberration in the known pattern of force direction occurred. The subject experienced a force of 100 newtons from behind pushing them onto the robotic arm and the head of the hammer. D-367739 and the hammer became fused, and dematerialized. Current STALKER readings indicate D-367739's presence at all locations within a 1-light year radius.

For test 6, a speedometer capable of measuring velocities approaching and exceeding the speed of light was attached to the subject.

Test Name E-3728-06
Operator: Robotic arm by level 2 researcher Dr. Samuels
Subject: D-456692
Number of times previously hit: 8
Instructions: Dr. Samuels was instructed to tap D-456692 with SCP-3728.
Results: D-456692 was forcibly strapped to the floor of the testing chamber after repeated violent protests, at one point knocking out a member of security. Upon contact with the hammer's head, the force meter was unable to properly quantify the exerted force, and promptly shorted out. The speedometer registered a velocity of 1.135e9 for 0.1 seconds before it also stopped producing measurements. STALKER readings failed 0.2 seconds following physical contact. Despite this, D-456692 remained visible within the chamber, and was assumed unharmed and still present; however, when personnel entered the chamber and attempted to interact with D-456692, they discovered that the subject and his restraints were no longer present. Instead, the apparent visual image of the subject separated into a blue- and red-shifted visual remnant. An initial sweep of Site-77 was unable to locate the subject, resulting in a second sweep covering an area 2 light years in diameter, centered around the earth, which also failed to locate D-456692.

Further testing with D-class has been suspended to a maximum of 3 strikes. Site Director Gillespie.

Update 6/13/17:
D-456692 was located by elements of Multi-U in designated alternate universe U-1135.5 Reports indicate that D-456692 appeared approximately 1 week after being struck, and was detected by a Foundation probe. Investigation into the temporal effects of SCP-3728 are ongoing.

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