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Approximate dimensions necessary for remote manipulation by SCP-3727

Item #: SCP-3727

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3727 is to be kept in a standard humanoid holding cell at Site-17. No syringes or objects resembling syringes are to be brought within the line of sight of SCP-3727 unless authorized by research personnel. The walls of SCP-3727’s cell are to be regularly checked for perforations. In the event that SCP-3727’s cell has sustained damage, SCP-3727 is to be moved to a temporary containment unit until repairs are complete.

Description: SCP-3727 is a 52 year old caucasian male with the ability to remotely manipulate syringes, as well as any objects that resemble a syringe in shape. The exact specifications of what qualifies as “syringe-shaped” have not been fully defined, but the presence of a pointed tip, a broader section resembling the barrel of a syringe, and a segment resembling the plunger are necessary. An object does not have to function as a syringe in order to fall under the effects of SCP-3727. The strength of SCP-3727’s remote manipulation is unclear, with SCP-3727 being able to move syringe shaped objects of several metric tons in weight and move them at speeds of up to 375 m/s (as of ██/██/20██) with no signs of exhaustion. These effects extend to any syringe shaped object within approximately 50 meters and within line of sight of SCP-3727.

Upon initial questioning, SCP-3727 claimed to be a doctor from ██████, Tennessee. Analysis of SCP-3727’s birth certificate and SSN have confirmed this statement. SCP-3727 also claimed to have no recollection regarding the nature and origin of its anomalous properties, stating that they were first noticed about two months before Foundation acquisition. SCP-3727 has been largely compliant during Foundation custody, and has usually refrained from using its anomalous properties unless instructed.

Addendum 3727-1: Testing Logs

Addendum 3727-2: Incident Report: ██/██/20██

As of ██/██/20██, SCP-3727 has demonstrated a broadening in its ability to control syringe shaped objects. Along with the ability to remotely manipulate objects shaped to resemble syringes, SCP-3727 has also acquired the ability to extract syringe-shaped molds from larger substances. This behavior was first recorded when SCP-3727 remotely extracted a mass of water in the approximate shape of a syringe from its daily water supply. Upon questioning, SCP-3727 claimed that it could "feel" the syringe shape inside the water, and that this was not a previously known ability.

12 days later, SCP-3727 was observed extracting syringe-shaped casts in a similar manner from the steel walls of its holding cell. This was originally classified as an attempted containment breach, and was met with immediate intervention from security personnel. Upon questioning, SCP-3727 claimed to be exhibiting this behavior out of boredom and not a desire to escape. Proposals to provide SCP-3727 with sources of recreational stimulation are currently pending approval.

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