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Identification #: SCP-3723 Threat Level: Green
Anomaly Class: Safe ❮❮❮❮❮ File Declassified (with redactions)



Special Containment Procedures (ARCHIVAL): SCP-3723 is kept in Class-III humanoid living quarters at Site-43, and is to be provided with amended S/E humanoid privileges.1 Due to its anomalous biological processes, SCP-3723 does not require a meal schedule, only a standard supply of fresh water (distilled).

Additionally, SCP-3723 should be escorted to the onsite medical ward (Office 257B) for medication and psychiatric sessions with Dr. Khayyam on a weekly basis (and/or as otherwise scheduled).

Description: SCP-3723 is a severely emaciated human woman exhibiting numerous biological anomalies. It almost completely lacks subcutaneous fat, and suffers from osteoporosis and atrophy of cardiovascular tissue. Additionally, it is incapable of receiving nutrition, but does not require sustenance to survive; its digestive tract will reject and regurgitate any introduced solid or liquid foods.

Despite these serious medical issues, SCP-3723 is fully animate, semi-mobile (it reports that prolonged activities are painful), and displays no damage to cognition.

Addendum 3723.I: Background and Recovery

SCP-3723 is of Puerto Rican descent, and responds primarily to the name Olivia. Prior to containment, it resided in an apartment in Matthews, North Carolina, cohabited with an Ava ███-█████ (PoI-3723-β).

SCP-3723 initially garnered the attention of the Foundation in August 2016, when a phone call from a neighbor to the local police department was intercepted by monitoring bot LECTERN2. Undercover agents from Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") responded, and SCP-3723 was taken into custody.

Relevant civilians were amnesticized, with the exception of PoI-3723-β, whose memory alteration was postponed during a period of surveillance at the request of Dr. Jannings.

Addendum 3723.II: Psychiatric Evaluation

From: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

To: Director ██████
CC: Ethics Committee Liaison ████

Subject: SCP-3723 Diagnosis and Recommendations

Content: Director- Liaison- After two weeks of meetings with SCP-3723, I have prepared a psychological profile as you requested. My full report is attached below, but in summary: She is very ill.

SCP-3723 suffers from severe anorexia nervosa3, major depressive disorder, and body dysmorphic disorder. I would like to review the personnel assigned to SCP-3723. She already feels like a freak- she not only deserves, but needs to be treated with the utmost compassion.

Addendum 3723.III: Surgical Proposal


Medical Department Case File


Proposed by: Dr. Khayyam, Dr. █████

Approved by: Superintendent ███████████

Abstract: Due to the body of SCP-3723 lacking the necessary functions to heal atrophied muscles and repair other structures, an artificial solution has been deemed constructive.


  • Silicone gel pads will be used to fill out sections of the chest, abdomen, and dorsal area.
  • Tissue transplants, blood transfusions, and a polylactic acid-hydroxylapatite composite will reinforce the subject's muscle and bone structure. This may also improve energy and encourage more physical activity.

The surgery has been scheduled for 5 March. When informed of the procedure and its implications, SCP-3723 consented, but displayed an unexpected lack of enthusiasm. An ancillary therapy session with Dr. Khayyam has been recommended.

Addendum 3723.IV: Incident 2018-03-05, 06:26

During a routine security check, SCP-3723 was found unconscious in its quarters, bleeding heavily from both wrists. A full sweep of the room found that the subject had covertly stolen multiple knives from the site cafeteria. Monitoring personnel have been disciplined and reassigned for this serious lapse in security.

Immediate transport to the onsite infirmary prevented the wounds from being fatal; the subject was temporarily sedated while Director ██████ met with medical personnel to discuss further proceedings. SCP-3723 has been placed on round-the-clock suicide watch.

Since the incident, SCP-3723 has become extremely asocial, ignoring attempts at communication and sleeping for unusually long periods. Attempts to administer recommended medications have failed. Medical personnel have denied proposals to forcibly medicate the subject via nasojejunal4 feeding tube.

Addendum 3723.V: Archived Correspondence

From: Director ██████

To: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

Subject: Re: SCP-3723

Content: To be frank, Doctor, I'm concerned that your work with 3723 is becoming an obsession. A dangerous obsession.

I've never had to relieve any of my senior personnel from duty. I sincerely hope that won't have to change.

From: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

To: Director ██████
CC: Ethics Committee Liaison ████

Subject: Re: Re: SCP-3723

Content: Director, Olivia is depressed to the point where she is barely functional. As a doctor I cannot allow this to continue, and I am sorely disappointed that EthCom has allowed it to reach this point. I don't want to, but I am prepared to pull rank on this. I've already drawn up my formal Medical Director's override5, but I won't use it if I don't have to. This isn't for me, ███. This is for her. I've attached my proposal once more for your review. Look it over. Please. She needs our help.

Addendum 3723.VI: Interview 3723-β

Foreword: Following repeated requests from Dr. Khayyam, site command authorized this meeting in light of SCP-3723's deteriorating mental health and refusal to communicate with personnel.

<Begin Log, 10:47>

Dr. Khayyam: Good morning, Olivia. You have a visitor. May she come in?

SCP-3723 does not respond.

Dr. Khayyam: (sighs) All right. (away from mic) In here, please.

PoI-3723-β enters the room. Dr. Khayyam exits, returning to observation chamber. There are several seconds of silence as PoI-3723-β tentatively approaches SCP-3723, repeatedly opening and closing her mouth as if unable to speak.

PoI-3723-β: …Liv?

SCP-3723 visibly reacts to speech, the first such response in several weeks.

SCP-3723: (turning to face PoI-3723-β) …Ava?

PoI-3723-β: O-oh my god, Liv, is that you?

SCP-3723 begins to respond, before sobbing and turning away. PoI-3723-β also cries, kneeling and embracing the subject.

PoI-3723-β: (after several minutes) I was so scared, I-I… I found all these bottles of Microzide6 in the bathroom, and they wouldn't let me talk to you, and I thought, I thought something had happened to you…

SCP-3723: I-I'm so sorry, I- (subject chokes, unable to speak properly due to crying)

PoI-3723-β: I-It's okay. (subject pauses for several seconds) …I'm just glad you're okay. What… what happened?

SCP-3723: (regaining composure) I… just wanted to be better. Y-y-you deserved better- I was just trying to… (resumes crying) I looked in the mirror, and I couldn't recognize myself, I-I just hated it, I…

PoI-3723-β: Liv, no…

Several seconds pass in silence.

SCP-3723: You were at work. There was… there was this man. A man with grey eyes. I don't know, he was… he's kinda, I can't… it's like, he's, fuzzy.7 I… he said he could help. He called it a bargain. When I woke up… I could only cry out in pain, at first.

SCP-3723 is silent for two minutes, embracing PoI-3723-β.

PoI-3723-β: Olivia… I'm sorry, I-I should've been there…

SCP-3723: No. It's not your fault. I just… I wanted to be what you deserved. I wanted to be perfect. (sigh) I should've known I couldn't do that.

PoI-3723-β: Hey. (gently turning the subject's face upwards) I love you. You never needed to change. You're already perfect.

PoI-3723-β kisses SCP-3723 for several seconds. Eventually, Dr. Khayyam enters, and the couple is escorted to SCP-3723's living quarters. Liaison ████ orders a teleconference of the Ethics Committee.

<End Log, 11:19>

Addendum 3723.VII: Archived Correspondence

From: Director ██████

To: Dr. Adileh Khayyam
CC: Ethics Committee Liaison ████

Subject: Re: SCP-3723 Containment Proposal

Content: You're testing my patience with this. We secure and contain. This would be a massive breach of protocol, and I have no idea why you would even propose it. SCP-3723 is still anomalous. I will not approve this, and I will mandate a cognitive examination on you if I have to.

From: Ethics Committee Liaison ████

To: Director ██████
CC: Dr. Adileh Khayyam

Subject: Re: Re: SCP-3723 Containment Proposal

Content: Director, with all due respect, this is no longer your jurisdiction. I have personally reviewed everything Dr. Khayyam provided, and I am pleased to be bringing the matter to a formal Ethics Committee vote. If you would like to submit an appeal or a formal complaint, you may come see me in my office.

Addendum 3723.VIII: Ethics Committee Decision 2018-12-23


From the Office of the Secretary of the Ethics Committee

Taking these facts into consideration:

  • SCP-3723 poses a minimal threat to humanity at large, essentially no greater than an average non-anomalous person;
  • SCP-3723 poses a limited threat to normalcy/Veil Protocols, as its anomalous properties are localized and can be effectively treated;
  • SCP-3723 suffers from severe mental health issues, which have been worsened by containment to the point that the subject has attempted suicide;
  • Outside of the aforementioned mental health issues, SCP-3723 has been compliant with Foundation personnel, displaying only a desire to neutralize its anomalous properties;

It would be flagrantly unethical to keep SCP-3723 contained in a negative environment.

PROCEDURAL REVISION PROPOSAL: SCP-3723 will be escorted to its new location by Mobile Task Force Delta-6 ("Truants"). This is a secluded house in ██████████, ███ ████, owned by a Foundation front organization. SCP-3723 and its partner, Ava ███-█████, will be permitted to cohabit the residence. Additionally, the Medical Department will provide recommended medications (currently 30 mg fluoxetine and 25 mg hydroxyzine) and psychiatric services.

However, in order to maintain these freedoms, the following provisions will be followed:

  1. Any medical examinations must be performed by a Foundation doctor. Furthermore, the subject will undergo the procedures outlined in the 2018-██-02 Medical report, so as to disguise its anomalous appearance from uninformed observers.
  2. Both subjects will submit to amnesticization (Class-A: subjects will retain necessary information, but not anything posing a possible security threat).
  3. Mobile Task Force Phi-Eolh ("Provident Trawlers") will perform security check-ins on a weekly (until ██/██/████), monthly (██/██/████ to ██/██/████), and biannual (beginning ██/██/████) basis, as well as random visits. During these meetings, SCP-3723 should notify personnel of any planned excursions (i.e. out-of-state vacations).

Ethics Committee



Board Members Present: 25

Zhang Xuegang Aslaug Gilbertsen Venkataraman Balakrishnan
Rei Pennington Madhavacharta Ajagavakar Ingjerd Johansen
Ilyas Säyet Niğmät Gail Sharp Keyshia Sanders
Apash Wyakaikt Arthur Summers
Victoria Hanevold Dan Kjærsgaard
Jwala Mahalanabis Cherlynn Holland
Dafina Gwilliam Llion Roderick
Ethan Haight Npliaj Chou Fang
Zynovij Afanasijovych Song Xuefeng
Kai Saunders Annabel Johnson
Pavlos Alexandrou Vsevolod Yehorovych
- -
- -
Chairman Naasif el-Sharif



Dr. Adileh Khayyam, Site-43 Psychologist and Humanoid Anomaly Specialist


Elaine Starck, Director, Ethics Committee Department of Sentient and Sapient Anomalies


Odongo Tejani, Ethics Committee Executive Secretary


Ardem Takoushian, Classification Committee Chairman

Current Status:

The surgery and relocation were a success. SCP-3723 and PoI-3723-β have been fully cooperative during the transition; have not missed any security checks; and Olivia's mood is improving every day.

Other than the slow process of weaning her off the medications, I see nothing to indicate that continuous updates are necessary. My personal recommendation is that this file be closed, and the two left alone. There are more important things for the Foundation to do; and I would hope that this experience gives us some hope for the future.

-Dr. Khayyam

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