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Item #: SCP-3720

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Iota-10 (“Damn Feds”) is to monitor civilian police department records worldwide for unsolved homicide, assault, or stalking cases that could indicate SCP-3720 activity. If SCP-3720-1 is confirmed to be targeting an individual, said individual is to be taken into protective Foundation custody. If possible, SCP-3720-1 manifestations should be non-lethally subdued and taken in for interrogation.

Description: SCP-3720 refers to the phenomena wherein an individual will be targeted for murder by SCP-3720-1. SCP-3720-1 manifests as a middle-aged Caucasian male, and exhibits no anomalous traits or abilities apart from its ability to spontaneously manifest and demanifest at will. SCP-3720-1 typically manifests wearing some form of civilian clothing appropriate with the region it appears in, and carrying various tools and weapons to help it locate, confront, and kill its target, hereafter referred to as SCP-3720-2. See Addendum 3720-01 for details regarding SCP-3720-1 activities.

If SCP-3720-1 is killed before killing SCP-3720-2, its remains and belongings will demanifest after several minutes, and a new manifestation of SCP-3720-1 will appear after one to three weeks within the approximate vicinity of SCP-3720-2. This new manifestation will continue to attempt to kill SCP-3720-2, apparently retaining the knowledge and experience of its previous iterations. Once SCP-3720-2 is dead, either through SCP-3720-1’s direct action or other causes, SCP-3720-1 will manifest elsewhere in the world after an extend period of time, targeting a new individual.

SCP-3720 first came to the Foundation’s attention after SCP-3720-1 began periodically assaulting Site-121 in 2005. Since its discovery, SCP-3720 is believed to be responsible for anywhere from 7 to ██ deaths worldwide.

Addendum 3720-02: Following Interview 3720-01, it was decided that Researcher S████████ be transported to an off-site safe house to minimize the risk towards other Foundation staff while MTF Upsilon-8 ("Adherents") attempted to contact Entity of Interest 3720-1 ("Velkai"). Upsilon-8's attempts were unsuccessful, and over the course of the next several weeks, SCP-3720-1 staged multiple assaults on the safe house, all of which were thwarted by security personnel. No Foundation casualties were sustained during this time.

On 06/03/2006, despite the lack of nearby fault lines, an earthquake (estimated magnitude: 7.0-7.5) decimated the safe house, killing Researcher S████████ and four of the six assigned security staff. The earthquake was localized entirely to the safe house and approximately 1.5 square kilometers of the surrounding forest.

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