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Item #: SCP-3718

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any SCP-3718 instances discovered in the wild are to be sedated1 and brought in for containment, or neutralized if the current number of contained SCP-3718 instances is greater than twenty. Foundation personnel are to monitor websites and animal control hotlines for mentions of potential SCP-3718 activity, as well as reports of individuals being attacked by cats, or seeing 'monster cats'. Any area that has seen a significant decline in local wildlife population in a small time frame is to be investigated for SCP-3718 activity. MTF Kappa-14 "AH! Sideshow Bob!" has been instructed to examine areas where GoI-233 has appeared for stray SCP-3718 specimens.

SCP-3718 instances in containment are to be kept in a large feline habitat at Site-23, and require at least three times the normal daily intake of food compared to a normal Felis catus. Personnel entering the enclosure are recommended to only do so when the SCP-3718 population has been recently fed or sedated.

Description: SCP-3718 is an unidentified species of organism, outwardly resembling individuals belonging to the species Felis catus (the domestic cat). While SCP-3718 instances are visually identical to non-anomalous Felis catus, when viewing the reflection of an SCP-3718 instance, a large, tripedal organism can be seen in place of a reflection.

These organisms are an average of 75cm tall at the shoulder, exhibit numerous bioluminescent patches along the body, and are otherwise dark in coloration. These organisms posses no observable eyes or ears, but exhibit multiple orifices across the body, which are used in feeding. These organisms also possess highly sensitive vibrissae2 which run the length of their body, allowing for instances to observe their surroundings by sensing changes in air flow. This organism cannot be directly interacted with, as it does not seem to occupy any space that it would take up around the Felis catus body.

SCP-3718 instances are active predators, and have been observed in packs hunting prey as large as elk, and consuming most of the kill. When feeding, SCP-3718 instances have been observed to cause a Class C-3 spatial anomaly. During this, the Felis catus appearance will contort up to three times in normal size, and orifices corresponding to those on the appearance of its reflection will open, and discharge pressurized digestive enzymes onto the kill. Once the digestive enzymes have had their effect, the orifices are used to grip parts of the prey, and deliver it into the digestive system through rows of teeth.

Packs of feral SCP-3718 have been observed across the North American continent4, breeding rapidly. Due to their increased hunting activity, SCP-3718 has become a threat to natural wildlife in some cases, drastically decreasing the populations of many species, including birds and deer. Currently, at least three species native to North America have been reclassified as critically endangered due to the presence and rapid growth of SCP-3718 populations. Because of this, SCP-3718 is currently considered an invasive species, and containment is considered a high priority due to the increased spread and risk of discovery.

Addendum: Discovery, and GoI Connections

SCP-3718 was discovered following numerous online mentions of packs of feral cats killing abnormally large prey, as well as mentions of 'monster cats' that could only be seen in reflective surfaces. This was in conjunction with sudden decreases in many wildlife populations in certain areas, leading to an outcry from environmentalist groups. Embedded agents in these groups were able to capture several SCP-3718 instances, leading to subsequent discovery of their anomalous effects, and containment.

SCP-3718 is believed to have been originated from GoI-233, as an attraction for its 'Menagerie of Mayhem'. Several solitary SCP-3718 instances have been located at or near areas where GoI-233 has visited. In addition, some instances have been found wearing collars identifying them as 'Property of Herman Fuller', or more recently 'Property of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting'.

Addendum: Attempts to Control SCP-3718 Population

Despite the continued efforts to cull the SCP-3718 population, it has continued to rise by a substantial amount each year. While current efforts primarily consist of locating and neutralizing instances whenever spotted, some researchers have deemed this as ineffective. Researchers are currently formulating an artificially created virus that, when contracted by an SCP-3718 instance, would render it, and any other instances that it comes into contact with, infertile. Infected SCP-3718 would be released into the wild in spots with high concentrations of SCP-3718 activity. Proposal pending approval by the Ethics Committee.

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