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Image recovered from PoI-3713's phone during the aftermath of SCP-3713-18. File titled "notanexit".

Item #: SCP-3713

Object Class: Keter Neutralized1

Special Containment Procedures: Dr. Robert Dorer is to act as a psychotherapist/counselor for PoI-3713 and is to meet with them at least once every month, utilizing audiovisual communication platforms2 when necessary. If any anomalous activity is discovered or suspected, Dr. Dorer is to report the development immediately. Otherwise, sessions are allowed to remain private and unrecorded as per the will of the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-3713 was a series of reality degradation events originating at 49.90° N, 97.14° W (Winnipeg, Canada) and ending at 18.24° N, 66.04° W (Caguas, Puerto Rico) between 11/17/1898 and 08/07/2015. These events only affected cities legally recognized by the US government and extended roughly 1 km outside of the cities' legal boundaries. Only a single city would be affected at a time.

When an SCP-3713 event occurred, the population (defined as SCP-3713-A) began to behave as though they were members of a cast in a musical production, with the set and setting equivalent to the real life locality. The plot of each SCP-3713 Event changed between instances but tended to be roughly determined by events already set in motion before the occurrence of said event. For example, a major plot point during event SCP-3713-13 was the cancellation of an annual Christmas parade, which had been already planned for several weeks prior. A random group within the city, ranging from four to six individuals (defined as SCP-3713-A Prime), would be the focus of some sort of plot, often accompanied by a "supporting cast" consisting of an additional five to ten individuals.

Any new objects or people entering the area of effect would slowly become subject to the anomaly's effects and be converted into a prop or actor. For objects this effect was almost instantaneous, while for people this process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the person's proximity to SCP-3713-A Prime. This effect was stronger the more SCP-3713-A Prime individuals were gathered in one place. Following the conclusion of the event, roughly 99% of objects and all affected individuals would revert to normal.

SCP-3713 events would follow a vague Prologue, Act I, Intermission, Act II pattern, with a possible second Intermission and Act III. The Prologue was designated as the time in which SCP-3713's effects first show, beginning with the conversion of many objects into props (exact specifications difficult to measure and thus uncertain). Most members of SCP-3713-A would begin to lose intricacies of emotional expression and social interaction. Intermissions would be noted by all members of SCP-3713-A returning to their home (when applicable), and having between zero and eighteen members disappear and reappear at the beginning of the next Act. After all Acts are done, all members of SCP-3713-A would gather at the edge of SCP-3713's area of effect and bow.

As soon as bows were finished, SCP-3713's effects would disappear. Members of SCP-3713-A would return to their homes and resume normal behaviors and routines the next day. Due to an as of yet unidentified antimemetic effect, all SCP-3713-A members would find nothing odd about the SCP-3713 event unless interrogated. SCP-3713-A were considered mundane once more after amnesticization.

Addendum-3713-1 | Abridged List of Recorded SCP-3713 Events3

Addendum-3713-2 | Further Details on Event SCP-3713-18
Despite being a part of SCP-3713-A Prime, Camila Marquez AKA PoI-3713 never sang throughout the entirety of the SCP-3713 event and in several parts deviated significantly from what would have been the presumed story line of SCP-3713. Although initially calm during the events, presumably thinking that her friends were playing a prank or practicing during the first musical events, PoI-3713 expressed fear and confusion in many of the events following these, especially musical events which involved large amounts of people. During the bulk of SCP-3713-18 members of SCP-3713-A ignored her behaviors and continued as if she were acting normally.

PoI-3713 expressed intense confusion at the end of Act-III, where she was surrounded by singing members of SCP-3713-A, and then forced to follow the crowd prior to the ending of Act-III. PoI-3713 broke from the crowd of SCP-3713-A and ran South from Caguas towards Guayama. As PoI-3713 approached the boundary of SCP-3713-18, the area of effect began to expand about 1 kilometer ahead of her.

Upon reaching Guayama, PoI-3713 was met with a crowd of over 1,000 SCP-3713-A instances. All instances were singing a song, the main chorus line being "Someone is Slacking5". PoI-3713 was picked up by the crowd, but escaped by breaking a window and climbing through it. After reaching the top of the three story building, PoI-3713 held their position for roughly an hour before SCP-3713-A members began to climb onto the roof through the ventilation systems. PoI-3713 was forced to back towards the edge of the building, at which point she turned around and jumped.

Just before hitting the ground, PoI-3713 disappeared. Three hours after the disappearance, all effects of SCP-3713 ceased. Members of SCP-3713-A in Caguas were dehydrated and malnourished due to standing in one place for roughly 72 hours. 18 lives were lost to various car crashes or bleeding out due to PoI-3713's escape efforts. A mass amnesticization and disinformation campaign was soon underway, and medical attention was given to injured individuals.

PoI-3713 reappeared on the street, unconscious but alive, with several bruises on her head and large gashes of unknown origin on both her forearms. PoI-3713 was immediately taken under intensive care. After two weeks of recovery, PoI-3713 was returned to society and was assigned to a Foundation therapist. PoI-3713 has since shown cinematophobia, theatrophobia, heliophobia, post traumatic stress disorder (which is often triggered in tandem with the previous three fears), and a highly increased interest in photography and cinematography (despite her fear of it). For the sake of PoI-3713's mental health her mother, Cecelia Marquez, has been made somewhat aware of the events that transpired and the consequences of sharing information. No SCP-3713 events have occurred since, as of the time of writing (LAST UPDATED: 08/09/2024).

Addendum-3713-3 | Recovered Information from PoI-3713 During Intensive Care
After one week of recovery, PoI-3713 was able to speak. A recorded interview was conducted immediately after, which is transcribed below.

Further interviews yielded no new information, with PoI-3713 continuing their fascination with the door and showing general paranoia. Due to PoI-3713's knowledge of SCP-3713 and their unique mental disorders, the Ethics Committee ruled that PoI-3713 be returned to society without amnestics and see a Foundation therapist made aware of the situation in full. This arrangement has continued to the time of writing (LAST UPDATED: 08/09/2024).

The following video, named "⊙ ⊙", was recovered from PoI-3713's phone. Despite the limitations of the phone, the video was recorded in 3840 x 2160 120FPS and lasts 18min 26s while only taking up 3 MB of space. Video was taken on 7/31, at 23:48, beginning at the exact moment PoI-3713 disappeared for the last time during SCP-3713-18. The video appears to be filmed from multiple points of view with lapses in time.

Addendum-3713-4 | Further Anomalous Activities
On 11/02/2024, PoI-3713 was reported missing by Ms. Marquez. A single Foundation agent was sent to the house to investigate. The transcription below is their interview with Ms. Marquez.

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