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Item #: SCP-3711

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: "Imaginative"1 thaumotologists and thaumaturges employed by the Foundation, or detained at Foundation sites are to be provided with dream suppressant drug therapy, and psychological counseling. As a large number of individuals affected by SCP-3711 are outside of the Foundation's jurisdiction, complete suppression of SCP-3711 is currently impossible, unless apprehended. Research into methods of suppressing SCP-3711 on a large scale is ongoing.

Description: SCP-3711 is a mental and physiological condition which affects individuals who possess, are trained in, or develop the capability to employ "Imaginative" Thaumatological manipulation. Based on carvings and murals recovered from bronze age sites, this condition is known as "The Song of Regretful Freeing." This condition varies considerably depending on the skill, natural power, and age of the individual; however, several core attributes are noted.

SCP-3711 initially manifests when an individual develops "Imaginative" thaumatological capability. Individuals begin experiencing lucid dreams of varying natures (see Interview Log I-3711-01) and intensity wherein the individual has complete control of the dream's progression, until the end of said dream. All recorded initial dreams have ended the same, with subsequent dreams escalating the initial ending over time. The content of these dreams serve as a motivating force for the dreamer to increase their thaumatological capabilities. Lucid dreaming continues well past development of thaumatological capability.

Key areas of the brain associated with artistic creativity and scientific creativity are heavily impacted by SCP-3711, resulting in a significant increase in neuron development. Thorough brain scanning and mapping studies have determined the majority of these changes occur during either sleep or the active use of thaumatological capabilities.

Continued use of "imaginative" thaumatological manipulation results in significant changes in brain structure over long periods of time.2 This results in the manifestation of more prominent and ubiquitous symptoms such as:

  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Temporary periods of dissociation from reality
  • Memory loss
  • Compulsive urges and restlessness, often involving a need to "move elsewhere"
  • A sudden and pronounced affinity for aquatic environments.

Personnel experiencing the more severe symptoms of SCP-3711 experience physiological alterations, and subsequent deterioration due to unknown factors (See Addendum 2).

All individuals in the late stages of SCP-3711 within Foundation custody have perished as a result of prolonged dehydration and oxygen deprivation over the course of 48 hours.3

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