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SCP-371-J in containment

Item #: SCP-371-J

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-371-J is a single, shelled Arachis hypogaea1 seed possessing cognitohazardous properties. When SCP-371-J is perceived by a human subject, they will begin laughing with varying intensity. The intensity at which laughter is induced is dependent on the amount of time a subject has spent working at a Foundation site, regardless of position or security clearance. Observed effects range from the spontaneous onset of pneumothorax2 on civilians to a moderate smile among various site directors. Subjects exposed to SCP-371-J will continue to laugh until they expire or SCP-371-J is removed from their vicinity.

It is currently unknown why SCP-371-J's properties are related to the Foundation. Research into its creation, motives, and possible suspects responsible are currently under investigation.

Discovery: SCP-371-J was discovered following the death of 43 civilians in a Tokyo art exhibit, with all causes of death being attributed to a lack of oxygen. Foundation agents successfully located and contained SCP-371-J. Two personnel suffered injuries from falling after losing consciousness due to excessive laughter.

Testing Log: The following logs demonstrate the effects of SCP-371-J on various Foundation personnel.

Personnel: D-1221
Time Employed by the Foundation: 1 day
Results: Pneumothorax affecting the left lung. Subject expired before treatment could be administered.

Personnel: D-11424
Time Employed by the Foundation: 5 months
Results: Subject laughed uncontrollably until losing consciousness.

Personnel: Researcher Rex
Time Employed by the Foundation: 1 year
Results: Laughed uncontrollably until SCP-371-J was removed from his presence. Subject suffered a minor headache and abdominal pain caused by lack of oxygen and laughter respectively.

Personnel: Dr. Everwood
Time Employed by the Foundation: 6 years
Results: Subject laughed moderately. No negative side effects were found.

Personnel: Dr. Walters
Time Employed by the Foundation: 16 years
Results: Subject laughed briefly upon initial exposure before becoming silent again.

Personnel: Dr. Gears
Time Employed by the Foundation: 28 years
Results: Subject verbally expressed mild annoyance at the presence of SCP-371-J at the start of the test and did not exhibit a noticeable change in attitude or expression throughout the duration.

Personnel: Janitor Worth
Time Employed by the Foundation: 59 years
Results: Subject destroyed SCP-371-J's shell and consumed its contents. Upon being questioned, subject replied "Trust me, I am doing you a favor." Following this event, SCP-371-J's anomalous properties did not manifest, and the anomaly was reclassified as Neutralized.

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