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Item #: SCP-3705

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3705's cape and the cassette tapes found at the site of SCP-3705's neutralization are to be contained in standard containment lockers.

Description: SCP-3705 was an approximately 1.8 meter tall, animate scarecrow composed of wood and straw. SCP-3705 was outfitted with a straw hat, a white shirt, and a green floral-print cape worn around its neck. SCP-3705 possessed multiple scorch marks on its body and clothing, and SCP-3705's clothing was torn in various locations. SCP-3705 was capable of sight and hearing despite having possessed no discernible organs or mechanisms that enabled these senses.

Eight arachnoid legs composed of wood were attached to SCP-3705's torso, measuring approximately 1.25 meters. Each of SCP-3705's legs have joints that appear to have been created via infliction of damage to each leg, as each leg appeared to have been forcefully bent from a previously straight structure into its jointed structure. At the end of each leg was a hole of unknown depth. SCP-3705 was capable of expelling water from each of these holes. It is unknown how the water SCP-3705 expelled was acquired.

On 3/27/2004, SCP-3705 was discovered by the Foundation when SCP-3705's appearance was reported at a forest fire located at [REDACTED] by undercover operatives working as helicopter pilots for local news stations. MTF Epsilon-14 ("Out of the Frying Pan") was deployed to contain SCP-3705. SCP-3705 ignited and was destroyed before MTF Epsilon-14 reached SCP-3705's location.

During further inspection after the fire was extinguished, a cardboard box was found at the area of SCP-3705's neutralization. Within the box were 17 video cassette tapes and the cape worn by SCP-3705. The cassette tapes contained videos showing footage of various events involving SCP-3705. A title for each cassette tape was written on a piece of masking tape attached to each cassette tape.

The following message was found written on the inside of the cape with black ink.

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