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Item #: SCP-3704

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3704 is to be kept inside of a soundproofed reinforced steel case whose lock may only be operated by a remote terminal in an observation room 25 meters from the object. This terminal operates via a randomly generated passphrase known only by one (1) Level 4 Personnel at a time. The case is to be stored in an isolated, soundproofed room, at least 15 meters away from any of the room’s walls. A circle with a radius of 2 meters is to be painted around the object, denoting the effective range of the tertiary third primary effect. Microphones are placed about the room, which can broadcast into the observation room if researchers so choose.

The observation room is only accessible through the adjacent hallway, having no direct connection to SCP-3704's containment chamber. Access to the containment chamber is restricted except for purposes of testing. After the results of Incident 3704-A, testing has been suspended until further notice.


Testing Log 3704-1:
Below are a series of tests conducted upon SCP-3704 with the intent of learning more about how the object selects music for each subject, and what the voices produced by the object say to subjects.

Addendum 3704-1:
Following the containment breach on 04/23/2017 resulting in ██ staff casualties, all testing on SCP-3704 has been suspended until further notice.

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