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Item #: SCP-3703

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Archaeological excavations within close proximity to established Neolithic and Bronze age sites have been implanted with undercover Foundation agents. In the event that an excavation discovers an SCP-3703 instance, further excavation will be halted, and amnestic treatment protocols implemented. In the event of multiple SCP-3703 instances; additional searches are to be conducted, using ground penetrating radar. Exposed instances should be fully excavated, and observational data collected. SCP-3703 instances and their accompanying chambers are to be concealed via the use of Donovan holoprojectors.

Research and experimentation with SCP-3703 is subject to level 3 approval. Testing involving the use of sapient or semi-sapient organisms is currently prohibited. Personnel entering the interior of SCP-3703-1 must have a 2 or higher MARS (Mind-Affecting Resistance Scale) score. A maximum exposure time of 10 minutes is to be observed for any and all excursions into SCP-3703-1 instances.

SCP-3703 are to be monitored by onsite research and security personnel via installed CCTV cameras and previously installed VERITAS devices. Change in baseline VERITAS readings and visible agitation of SCP-3703, SCP-3703-1, or SCP-3703-A, have been designated as signs of a class III containment failure. Observed increases in structural damage to any portion of the SCP-3703-1 instances at the nine known sites possessing 13 SCP-3703 instances, including their connections to the surrounding neolithic/bronze age structures, constitutes a class VII containment failure, and multiple potential HK-class deific subjugation scenarios.

Efforts are underway to repair damage to SCP-3703 instances. In the event that such efforts are unsuccessful, a contingency plan involving SCP-████-1 through 4 is currently in place.

Description: SCP-3703 are several hundred structures consisting of a mass of congealed corpses1 fused at multiple points, in various states of arrested decay. Each SCP-3703 instance levitates within a cuboid chamber (designated SCP-3703-1) composed of a semi-solid gelatinous substance. A large number of branching pipe-like structures extend from this chamber and into the surrounding site. Both SCP-3703 and SCP-3703-1 are found adjacent to, below, or within a large number of major excavated Neolithic and Bronze age sites.

Each set of remains have been arranged, positioned, or otherwise distorted into various geometric forms. Outside of several notable exceptions, these forms are associated with symbols of protection.2 All SCP-3703 instances possess at least 1 hemispherical depression. These depressions are entryways into extraplanar spaces designated SCP-3703-A (See Document A and Exploration logs). SCP-3703 instances vary widely in size, dependent on the density and number of corpses.3


Common examples of shapes SCP-3703 is known to emulate.

The primary purpose of both SCP-3703 and SCP-3703-1 appears to be the generation and channeling of high energy matter in a form resembling natural plasma. This originates from each hemispheric depression and flows into the surrounding site. Aforementioned matter is in a constant state of high energy, ionized molecular motion; however, it maintains constant temperatures of -20 °C and floats along the ceiling of SCP-3703-1 and into the branching pipes. Due to SCP-3703's secondary and tertiary anomalous properties, determining the source of energy generation was impossible until the invention of miniaturized robotic technologies. (See Exploration Log E-3703-01 and Supplementary Document A).

When exposed to auditory stimuli, SCP-3703 will demonstrate structural changes, emulating physical objects or conceptual representations of the perceived stimuli (See Experiment Logs). Physical inanimate items placed within 3 m of SCP-3703 will result in extension of corpses in the form of appendages, which will then be used to pick up, drop, throw, or internalize the inanimate object. SCP-3703 completely ignores non-sapient organisms.

Sapient entities entering SCP-3703-1 are subject to SCP-3703's secondary anomalous effect, involving visual and auditory compulsion. This involves a desire to touch or climb SCP-3703, resulting in activation of SCP-3703's tertiary effects. The exact source of the compulsion involves the manipulation of individual skeletal remains to form [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] using the fingers; in concert with subliminal sound emissions.

Individuals who come in direct physical contact with SCP-3703 are subject to its tertiary anomalous effect. Subjects will fuse with the set(s) of remains at the initial site of contact. Fusion is usually physically traumatic enough to break the cognitohazardous effect.

Experiment Logs:

Exploration Log

Document A:

Reactivation log:

SCP-3703-A Drone reactivation log

Date: ██/██/████

Vehicle: Solar Battery Powered Gyroscopic Drone with Jet Propulsion Modifications.

Subject: SCP-3703

Region of exploration: SCP-3703-A

Forword: Foundation officials reestablished communication with the drone 2 weeks after loss of contact.


The drone's camera reactivates, displaying the blue sphere as seen before. The humanoid figure within is unconscious, and shows signs of injury around the nose and temples. Initial analysis indicates the damage is superficial. The sphere is cracked along the top, and is no longer emitting rays of blue light.

It turns in a 90 degree arc. The cloud of mist is no longer present. In its place is a humanoid figure, roughly 20 km in height, possessing black pigmented skin. Red, white, and purple luminescent bands run along the entity's form.

It is visibly restrained in space by the presence of 3 circular stone rings, where each ring is lined with series of monolithic stone columns oriented in the form of a henge, all possessing signs of serious damage, located at the groin, the chest, and the center of the forehead. Additional stone structures appear to pin the entity's left hand, and legs in a prone position. Each location emit combinations of blue, pink, green, and yellow luminescent light.

The right arm is unrestrained, approaching both the drone and the sphere at significant speed. The remains of a shattered stone structure are visible on top. Propulsion and maneuvering the vehicle were impossible at this time.

The hand strikes the blue sphere, shattering part of the surface. The sphere flies out of frame in the 0.5 seconds between the strike, and the destruction of the drone.

Post Word: Approximately 2 minutes following destruction of the drone, the blue sphere was ejected from the same SCP-3703 instance the drone entered. It ceased motion upon collision with the wall of the adjoining chamber. The humanoid, hereby dubbed EoI-3703-1, remained in suspended animation within the sphere and was unharmed other than the previously obtained minor injuries. They have been moved to SCP-████ for treatment of a severe concussion, questioning, and anomalous properties evaluation.

The entity observed in this recording has been designated EoI-001-01.8 Efforts are currently underway to counteract a potential HK-class deific subjugation scenario.

Update ██/██/████

Following recovery of Entity of Interest EoI-3703-1 from the remains of the sphere, Foundation audio analysts were successful in recovering and translating the last 30 seconds of the Exploration log's audio recording.

You were there all along, Mither.

This may have been for nothing, but we would do it again. To keep him away. Seal Teran. For even one single moment.

I would do it all again. Just for one more moment. One moment with you, Alva.

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