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Item #: SCP-3702

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A 42 km x 200 m stretch of desert in the eastern portion of the Cyrenaica district of Libya has been enclosed with 3 m tall barbed wire fencing. Given SCP-3702's proximity to the agricultural communities of Jaghbub Oasis, barbed wire fences have been labeled as encompassing an active minefield. Security teams have been placed at strategic points along the fence to monitor SCP-3702-1's progress, and reroute any Berber caravans attempting to circumnavigate the stretch.

Security teams have been instructed not to offer SCP-3702-1 food or water. An aerial drone has been assigned to monitor SCP-3702-1's progress and is to return to its manifestation point at 6:00 A.M. each day.

Description: SCP-3702 is a stretch of desert in the eastern portion of the Cyrenaica district of Libya, beginning 32 km southwest of Al Jaghbub and ending 3 m from the westernmost body of water of the oasis. ARad measurements of SCP-3702 register abnormally high emissions in excess of 10,000. This is likely the cause behind observed meteorological abnormalities, including average daytime temperatures of 50 °C year round, and the absence of precipitation in any form within the boundaries of the anomaly.

SCP-3702 is regularly traversed by a singular entity, SCP-3702-1. This entity is a male humanoid, with non-human anatomical features consistent with other aquatic humanoids from SCP-████, including yellow-green scales, gills, and fins along the arms and legs. SCP-3702-1 suffers from the physical and mental effects of the following conditions: mid to late stages of dehydration, second-degree radiation burns due to UV exposure, non-surgical removal of the tongue, and late stages of heat exhaustion. The entity appears incapable of succumbing to these conditions, and always remanifests in slightly better physical condition than when it demanifested last.

A set of Nordic thaumaturgic runes are engraved upon the entity's chest and back. These translate to:

I walk through endless sands, without food, water, or tongue. None shall help me. This is the price of my careless greed. So it shall always be, by the Mither's will.

SCP-3702's anomalous effects manifest twice each day. At 6:00 A.M. SCP-3702-1 will manifest, and atmospheric temperatures within the enclosure will instantaneously elevate to 50 °C. SCP-3702-1 will then begin walking, running, crawling, or dragging itself along the top of the sand towards the westernmost body of water in the Jaghub oasis. At 9:00 P.M. the entity will demanifest, regardless of his current position. Reaching the western edge of SCP-3702-1 prior to 9:00 P.M. will also result in demanifestation.

Discovery and Containment:
SCP-3702-1 was first encountered via a Berber caravan passing through the area on 3/22/2017. A Foundation undercover operative assigned to the caravan as part of measures to monitor and preserve a nearby SCP-███ site reported the anomaly to nearby containment officials. All members of the caravan were treated with Class A amnestics, and a containment team was dispatched.

The entity's physical state had degenerated upon containment team arrival, rendering it unconscious. The containment team attempted to remove SCP-3702-1, at which time they discovered the northern boundary of SCP-3702. The entity was promptly separated from the containment team via a significant concussive blast of unknown origin, at which point a swarm of Danaus plexippus1 emerged from the surrounding sand, and proceeded to engage in carnivorous activity upon the entity. SCP-3702-1 regained consciousness upon the swarm's appearance and proceeded to emit distressed vocalizations for 3 seconds before all biological matter was consumed, at which time the swarm dispersed.

A second attempt was made when SCP-3702-1 was spotted the following day. Attempts at communication were made, revealing the entity's physical inability to communicate. An attempt to remove the entity by moving in the opposite direction lead to the discovery of the southern border of SCP-3702, and a similar outcome as the first attempt. A third attempt at removing the entity via the western direction lead to the discovery of its point of manifestation, and a similar outcome as the first two retrieval attempts. A fourth and final attempt was made in the eastern direction, resulting in SCP-3702-1's demanifestation 3 m from the edge of the oasis's westward most body of water. Several attempts at aerial removal were conducted, resulting in similar outcomes.

Following determination that SCP-3702-1 could not be removed from the area, the current enclosure was constructed. Ancillary attempts were subsequently made to offer SCP-3702-1 food and/or water. This lead to the discovery that such attempts would result in the transformation of provided items into random amounts of Leiurus quinquestriatus2 and Cochliomyia hominivorax,3 respectively, upon placement in SCP-3702-1's mouth.

Update 4/02/2017:
Further attempts at providing aid to SCP-3702-1 have been suspended indefinitely via confirmation of the entity's identity as ████ ███████, per the terms of the Foundation-████████ cooperative treaty signed on 4/01/2017. Further action in regards to SCP-3702 is limited to observation and positional tracking.

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