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Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-3701 is to be kept in the temporal anomaly storage unit at Site 221. At all times outside of storage, including during testing sessions, SCP-3701 is to have a large chrono hazard sticker placed on it, to prevent accidental misuse by staff confusing it for a simple kitchen timer. No tests are to be performed outside of the safe settings that have been designated, unless a level 4 researcher or higher has overruled the safety precautions.

Description: SCP-3701 appears essentially identical to a standard 1 hour kitchen timer. However, it is extremely resilient and to date, no amount of heat or pressure has been able to cause even superficial damage to the object.

SCP-3701 was discovered inside of SCP-728 following a routine test. Initial experimentation on SCP-3701 revealed its anomalous temporal properties.

When an individual holding the object sets and starts the timer, they immediately cease to exist in our timeline, and enter a separate, parallel timeline. The user will exist in this alternate timeline for the duration the timer has been set to, and will be enveloped in a temporal shield, preventing direct, indirect and quantum interaction with matter in the alternate timeline.

Notably, the rate of time in this alternate timeline will move at an accelerated rate from the perspective of the individual in it. Testing has proved that the user will witness a duration of 10^(n-1) hours of the alternate timeline, where n represents the setting in minutes on SCP-3701. For example, if the user sets the timer to 2 minutes, they will experience 2 minutes from their perspective, but will witness 10 hours of time passing around them in the alternate timeline. Subjects have described this effect as being similar to "watching a movie in fast forward."

With each additional elapsed minute from the perspective of the user, the rate of time in the alternate timeline increases by a factor of 10. This makes precise events of the far future essentially impossible to detect.

Following test 3701-5, it was discovered that the temporal shield weakens significantly the instant before the user is returned to our timeline. This has led to restrictions of the settings that users may test on SCP-3701.

When the timer reaches 0, the user is transported back to our timeline in the relative location they were in the alternate timeline. No chronic or acute effects have been recorded from using the device in the designated safe settings.

Addendum 1: Regarding Chrono-Link

Chrono-Link is the brainchild of Dr. William Atlas, created as a means of obtaining and transmitting information across alternate timelines.

Its original iterations were built off of the temporal sinks designed and used in the now defunct Peregrine Mission. Recent advancements in quantum computing, and specifically the allocation of two Z-4 quantum supercomputers to Site 221 have allowed this technology to be properly tested.

Chrono-Link uses advanced quantum tunneling models to accurately transmit and receive discrete data packets across timelines. However, this is still extremely computationally demanding, and therefore only simple messages can be transmitted back and forth, even when site 221 commits ~90% of its computational power to the program. Hopefully, continued research with SCP-3701 can further increase the Foundation's cross-temporal communication capabilities.

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