My name is Roderick. I am a small shingle stone. There isn't really very much to say about me beyond that.

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Item #: SCP-3699

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3699 is to be cordoned off from public access, with Foundation personnel on-site to guard a perimeter within the marshland behind it. A dedicated taskforce is to track down any SCP-3699-1 instances in the possession of civilians and retrieve them, applying full amnestics to any civilians aware of SCP-3699's or SCP-3699-1's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-3699 refers to Cley Beach, Norfolk, England. SCP-3699 is a shingle beach, predominantly composed of small rocks and stones. SCP-3699's anomalous properties are not apparent unless a shingle stone is removed from SCP-3699. These stones are henceforth referred to as SCP-3699-1 instances.

Approximately 10 days after being removed from SCP-3699 by a human, SCP-3699-1 instances will begin to vocalise English in a "Received Pronounciation" accent, despite possessing no mechanisms for speech. SCP-3699-1 instances have been described as highly intelligent and articulate, and have proven cooperative with Foundation questioning.

SCP-3699-1 instances are sapient, and possess fully-realised personalities and memories. They ordinarily claim to possess names traditionally found in England. SCP-3699-1 instances are apparently capable of remembering their entire existence as a shingle-rock, while also remembering every larger object they were once part of.

The origin of SCP-3699 is unknown. It is also unknown how SCP-3699-1 instances are capable of vocalisation, given how in all physical aspects they resemble ordinary pieces of rock. SCP-3699-1 instances exhibit no other anomalous behaviour. Returning an SCP-3699-1 instance to SCP-3699 causes their anomalous properties to deactivate, until they are once more removed from SCP-3699.

See below for samples of interviews with SCP-3699-1 instances.

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