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Item #: SCP-3689

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-3689's recipe is stored in a restricted document locker. Foundation bot I/O-DINE is to monitor food blogs and cooking sites for keywords matching SCP-3689 ingredients.

Foundation elements embedded in national governments are to ensure the passing and strict enforcement of anti-whaling laws. Violators are to be investigated for knowledge of SCP-3689.

Description: SCP-3689 is a hypothetical sandwich defined by an infohazardous recipe, universally dubbed the "Kraken's Belly" by those who conceive it.

SCP-3689's recipe consists of an abnormal list of ingredients and a detailed, specific method of preparation; if a person learns the entire process and is able to visualize making SCP-3689, they will become subject to SCP-3689's effect.

Due to human curiosity and imagination, as well as common seafood culinary methods, SCP-3689's recipe has been recreated in a person's mind by knowing as few as 15 of the ingredients and 5 steps of the preparation.

SCP-3689 ingredients deemed unlikely by RAISA and the Culinary Department to lead to full conceptualization include:

  • Lemon
  • Fresh whale
  • Barbeque sauce
  • White chocolate chips
  • Imitation crab
  • Bacteria (any)
  • Gold
  • Wood shavings from a "boat that sailed through a storm"

Subjects aware of SCP-3689 experience the sensation of severe hunger and thirst, stomach pains, and lose the ability to taste or smell. These people are convinced that the only way to alleviate these symptoms is to prepare SCP-3689 and eat it. Amnesticization of affected subjects is ineffective, requiring dangerously high doses to remove memory of all ingredients. Otherwise, subjects frequently re-imagine SCP-3689 by idly extrapolating. Due to the rarity of several ingredients, most attempts to create SCP-3689 end in the subject either attempting to finish the sandwich using substitutes, or giving up entirely. If an imperfect sandwich is created and eaten, SCP-3689 symptoms usually subside over 2-4 days.

SCP-3689 was discovered following the suicide of a disgraced chef during investigation and cataloging of his anomalous possessions. SCP-3689's recipe was fragmented and written into various cookbooks and journals.

Addendum: SCP-3689 Testing Notes: D-class allowed to create and consume SCP-3689 in preliminary testing report no extraordinary quality to the sandwich and demanifest, while the room they are in floods. Subjects remanifest between 30 minutes and 6 hours later, accompanied by the room flooding again, and have little to no memory of the experience beyond vague recollections of a "ship and captain".

In a later test, D-11424 prepared and consumed the sandwich, with slight difficulty due to the unwieldiness of the squid tentacles, and reported the sandwich to "taste okay, but still missing something". The kitchen immediately flooded with seawater, and D-11424 vanished.

Limited footage later recovered from D-11424's body camera showed him swimming in an ocean before being lifted onto a passing wooden sailing ship and greeted by an indistinct figure dressed as a 16th century pirate, shortly before the camera was damaged in a swordfight.

The kitchen flooded again approximately 7 hours later, and D-11424 remanifested in a small rowboat filled with gold coins, various fish, an ornate cutlass and a decorated three-cornered hat. He reported vague memories of "challenging the Kraken alongside the Captain", as well as consuming part of said Kraken by adding it to a new SCP-3689 sandwich, which appeared to have significantly enhanced the flavor. D-11424 additionally requested, and was granted, permission to keep the hat.

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