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Item #: SCP-3686

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Original Containment Procedures:

SCP-3686 is to be contained within the security staff quarters of Satellite Office 102. SCP-3686 is to be fitted with a GPS tracker, and stored within a wood and glass flag display case.

Mobile Task Force and Security Personnel may be recruited on a volunteer basis for a rotational roster to possess SCP-3686 within Satellite Office 102. Volunteers desiring to be added to this list can contact Satellite Office 102 security director Sgt. Danvers.

Revised Containment Procedures:

SCP-3686-2 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-217. SCP-3686 is to fitted with a GPS tracking device, and stored within a wood and glass flag display case.

At this time, no additional testing is required with SCP-3686. Requests to transfer SCP-3686 to a new instance of SCP-3686 are to be denied, without Level 4 approval. In the event of SCP-3686-2's death, SCP-3686 may be passed to a willing host, with Level 4 approval.

Description: SCP-3686 is a burial flag from the United States of America, dated to 2015, which creates a memetic memory construct in anyone who possesses SCP-3686 within certain conditions.

SCP-3686's anomalous effect will only occur if the owner of SCP-3686 willingly possesses1 SCP-3686. Testing with security personnel has shown that if SCP-3686 is given to an individual without their knowledge2, or without willing acceptance of the object3, its anomalous effect will not manifest and will continue to present to its previous owner. Attempts to relinquish SCP-3686 without a willing recipient have shown to have no effect on SCP-3686's memetic effect. It is hypothesized that if the current owner of SCP-3686 expires, SCP-3686-1's effect would not spread, beyond its usual mechanism.

SCP-3686's specific memory construct is a belief that the current possessor of SCP-3686 had a brother named "Evan" hereafter referred to as SCP-3686-1. Subjects will invariably express that SCP-3686-1 was killed in action while serving in the U.S. Army forces in Afghanistan on October 22, 2015.

SCP-3686-1 has been identified as Evan ████████, brother of PoI-2722 (see attached security report), who was confirmed killed in action on October 22, 2015 in █████, Afghanistan.

Subjects do not present any other memetic effects, though several subjects report various levels of depression regarding SCP-3686-1. Upon the transfer of SCP-3686 to a new owner, the previous subject loses all knowledge of SCP-3686-1.

At this time, no specific anti-memetic effect regarding SCP-3686-1 has been observed beyond the initial memory erasure. Subjects previously affected by SCP-3686-1 have had no difficulty retaining knowledge of SCP-3686, SCP-3686-1, or being affected by SCP-3686's memetic effect upon subsequent possession of SCP-3686.

Addendum - December 17, 2019
SCP-3686-2 has shown signs of significant changes in personality, memory, and behavior, due to the effects of SCP-3686. At this time, SCP-3686-2 believes itself to be PoI-2722. The earliest detection of this effect was October 2018, with the effect intensifying as SCP-3686-2 continued to be exposed to SCP-3686.

At this time, it is believed that the removal of SCP-3686 (either through the acceptance by a willing host, or through anti-memetic or amnestic treatments) would result in significant emotional and potentially physiological damage to SCP-3686-2. Foundation Psychiatric and Neurological assessments have advised against attempting to remove SCP-3686 at this time.

Due to this condition, SCP-3686-2's containment shall remain indefinite, and SCP-3686 is not to be given to any other personnel hereafter.

PoI-2722 was re-acquired by the Foundation on ██/██/████, and questioned regarding the intensification of SCP-3686's effect. PoI-2722 refuted any intention for SCP-3686 to cause harm to SCP-3686-2, or personnel in general. Interrogation was conducted using Class-A, B, and C veritants, which confirmed these statements. PoI-2722 was placed to a psychiatric facility under Foundation control for observation, following interrogation. PoI-2722's specific whereabouts and activities can be found in Document-P-2722-OF.

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