Item #: SCP-3684

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3684 is currently stored in a standard containment locker at Site-32, and requires Level-3/3684 clearance to access. SCP-3684-1 instances are similarly contained to a maximum limit of twenty, after which additional instances may be destroyed. Lead produced by SCP-3684 is non-anomalous, and may be destroyed or repurposed at the discretion of either the Site Director or current project lead for SCP-3684.

Any person or entity identified as SCP-3684-A is to be given full care as required, with Midwifery specialists on hand until such a time as anomalous effects cease.

Description: SCP-3684 is a sex doll made in the image of a stereotypical western cowboy. SCP-3684 is entirely inanimate until an individual (designated SCP-3684-A) approaches it and expresses a desire to engage in sexual intercourse. At this point, SCP-3684 will animate itself and engage in intercourse with SCP-3684-A. SCP-3684 seems to have an innate understanding of SCP-3684-A's sexual desires, and will alter its behavior to match its current partner(s).

SCP-3684's primary anomaly is activated when it nears the end of sexual intercourse.1 At this point, it will vocalize the phrase "I'm going to pump you full of lead." Immediately following this vocalization, SCP-3684 will ejaculate up to three liters of molten lead either inside or onto SCP-3684-A. This lead is incapable of harming SCP-3684-A until it comes out of contact with SCP-3684-A for at least five minutes, at which point it will solidify and cool to roughly 40 degrees Celsius. The source of this lead is unknown, and SCP-3684 appears to be able to produce an unlimited amount from within itself.

The lead produced by SCP-3684 also functions identically to semen, and is capable of impregnating SCP-3684's partners. Pregnancy in females will function as normal, however at a much-accelerated rate.2 SCP-3684-1 refers to any offspring born between SCP-3684 and an SCP-3684-A individual. These offspring will mature rapidly, growing to their full size after roughly five weeks. SCP-3684-1 are virtually identical to SCP-3684, though they are only about 70% its size and are made of various combinations of ceramics and flesh.

Male SCP-3684-A instances are also capable of being impregnated by SCP-3684's effect. How this is accomplished is unknown, but due to the location of the unborn SCP-3684-1 instance male pregnancies do not last. The unborn SCP-3684-1 instances are most commonly excreted after 3-4 days. To date, the longest male pregnancy lasted 8 days.

All SCP-3684-1 instances share SCP-3684's anomalous properties, with minor differences. SCP-3684-1 instances are incapable of being impregnated, with female instances splitting into two SCP-3684-1 instances after being used. Additionally, when any SCP-3684-1 instance engages in intercourse, all other instances will become animated and attempt to travel to the approximate location of said intercourse. Once they reach the aforementioned location they will request to participate in the ongoing intercourse. In the event that permission to participate is denied, the SCP-3684-1 instance will immediately dissolve into between 300 and 400 liters of molten lead, which will hurl itself towards the primary SCP-3684-1 instance and will be ejaculated at the end of intercourse. Where this lead is generated from is unknown.

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