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Extranormal Event 3682 (EE-3682) was observed once and shows no signs of recurrence. Only this strong secondhand evidence, and a number of coincidences are currently known to the Foundation.

EE-3682 has no containment protocols, and its designation as an object is maintained in such an event. This record is presented as evidence and warning in real time. Plans have been prepared as to how to prevent such a thing from happening again, and where it may happen, and what may have caused it.

Event Designation: EE-3682


Site containing evidence of EE-3682.

Preceding Events: Evidence of EE-3682 was first considered based on further investigation into urban legends in Sakha, Russia referring to hitchhikers and travelers who asked directions to a town that did not exist. The traveler would refer to the scenery around the nonexistent town. No consensus or verifiable memetic properties have been identified, but locals sometimes refer to a town named Volodin, or Volodi, located in a valley in a grove of flowers.

"Volodin" may have been discovered in a region nearby matching the description. Located in the center of the valley is a dilapidated, 20 occupant church. No other signs of human occupancy in the 30 mi² area were detectable. Located within the church were a 15cm ivory knife located on the altar, a machete, a garbage can lid, a first aid kit, a satchel, a note, 9 VHS tapes, and the skeleton of a young woman (20) who is lying on her stomach, positioned with her hand touching the altar. The altar was covered with a thin layer of congealed blood. The blood, when tested, was that of a human fetus. The blood has congealed in such a way that would suggest the object bled out there.

One resident of the town of Tomtor matched dental records and DNA of the corpse but otherwise showed no other signs of relation to it. The individual [REDACTED] did recall visiting the area at one time, but was not able to remember when.

VHS tapes were secured in the altar cabinet within the church. This space was nailed in and secured with duct tape. The tapes contain images of a town that is not currently known to exist. It is not known if the tapes were compiled to arrange a narrative. Due to damage of these tapes it is not known which order these events occurred in, if these events occurred.

Item 0: A note, in Russian.

It happened fast, I think. April 16th, 2018. It's happened everywhere. There was no warning. We don't know why this happened. If you find this, I'm sure I'll be dead. My bones grind when I walk. It is excruciating. I am lucky I had access to my father's medicine.

The thing couldn't change me. Or something helped me.

If I succeeded, you need to find Iepureanu.

Item 1: Tape 1. Written in the center space is "Ezekiel Valeriy Iepureanu, last seen in Moldova." The VHS is an overwritten copy of "Homeward Bound".

Item 2: Tape 2. Written on the tape is the former address of an SCP containment area in Ukraine, SCP-1782; This area contains entities similar to those found on the 3682 tapes.

Item 3: Tape 3. It is damaged. Tape is unusable after it is initially recorded.


Recurring entity within the tapes.

Item 4: Tape 4. No markings. An entity is visible on each of the tapes, inter-cutting itself into the footage sporadically. The object resembles a destroyed human embryo, floating in a ball of black liquid several feet from the ground. The liquid pulsates but the figure itself is motionless. The eyes do appear to be functional, as the entity occasionally looks into the camera.

Item 5: Tape 5. No markings.

Item 6: Tape 6. Orange VHS tape, overwritten episode of Rocko's Modern Life. No inscriptions. The sky in later half of the tapes is filled with an array of burning circles. The nature of these is not known.

Item 7: Tape 7. Writing in pencil, "I don't know what stopped it."

Item 8: Tape 8. VHS tape with white label. Writing "What could have we done?"

Item 9: Tape 9. Writing in pencil, "Find him."

Series: Holy Science

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