Item #: SCP-3681

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Despite the fact that no appearance of SCP-3681 has been reported since 2011, all stadiums in the area of access to Backdoor Soho, in the Baseline Reality, must be monitored. In the case that the SCP Object reappears, MTF Tau-20 ("1 - 0") is to deployed.

Description: SCP-3681 is the first soccer team to represent Fifthism at the Backdoor Soho Grand Inter-Dimensional Soccer Tournament in 2011. The team is called "Circular Pentagons" and is made up of 11 abnormal fifthists players, all listed from SCP-3681-1 to -11 according to their jersey's numbers.

The players' abnormal capacities are minimal, they can only levitate the ball a few meters off the ground and leave it suspended in the air for shorts periods of time.

SCP-3681 was only seen in its first match in the Round of 16 against the Unislist's Team of the Univers'Island Kingdom, a GoI studied by the French offices of the Foundation. Although the Unislist Team led the score at 5 - 0, the referee declared SCP-3681 as the winner of the game after SCP-3681 burst the ball, making it melt into a honey-like substance which smelled of smoke.

At no time during the game did the SCP-3681 players try to play soccer. They would levitate the ball between themselves. It has been theorized that the referee was also a member of the Fifth Church, which could not be confirmed as he vanished alongside SCP-3681. Upon making the call that SCP-3681 had won the game, it announced that the team had reached their goals and score would not match this reality.

Following this event, the Unislist Team was designated as the loser and the match was replayed by opposing two other teams.

Addendum 3681.1:

The Inter-Dimensional Federation of Abnormal Soccer (IDFAS) has released the following document to the spectators:

Backdoor Soho's Inter-Dimensional Tournament


Greetings to you, comrade and soccer fan!

As you will have noticed, the match you just saw was not the most interesting of the tournament. But don't worry about it! There will be others and much more ferocious.

If you wonder where the Pentagon Circulars have gone, don't think about it. Even if their top corner conceded 5 goals, they won. They have gone to far more distant lands than you, reader, to the Fifth Constellation.

Five goals were enough to break one of the polygons that locked them in the big circle. They have achieved their goal.

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