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Item #: SCP-3679

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The kit containing SCP-3679 is to be stored in a standard object containment locker. Tests utilizing SCP-3679 must be carried out or approved by a level 3 researcher assigned to SCP-3679.

Investigation into the identity and location of PoI-3679 is currently underway. The online storefront maintained by PoI-3679 is to be monitored and any newly identified customers are to be located and amnesticized after their purchases are confiscated.

Description: SCP-3679 is an unbranded ballpoint pen purchased online as a part of a writing kit. Chemical analysis shows the contents of SCP-3679 to be natural non-anomalous red ink. Despite this, tests have indicated that any writing done with SCP-3679 results in a blend of ink and the writer's own blood being used; no test subjects have displayed any discomfort or injury that would otherwise explain this, and prolonged use of SCP-3679 has failed to result in any noticeable differences in blood pressure or other such factors.

Statements written with SCP-3679 are contractually binding: violating a claim or promise written with SCP-3679 invariably results in the writer's injury or death occurring within the following 24 hours. Causes of death have included non-anomalous factors (e.g. heart failure or accidental death) as well as anomalous factors (e.g. spontaneous human combustion or unprovoked decapitation). Those bound by a contract written with SCP-3679 have an innate understanding of the penalties for violating said contract, and as such, show a notable unwillingness to violate their terms.

SCP-3679 was purchased from seller "shadow-queen", designated PoI-3679, through the popular online marketplace after a routine scan indicated potential anomalous activity based on the reviews left on PoI-3679's store. SCP-3679 was originally a part of a kit marketed as a "Do-it-Yourself Geas1 Kit", which contained SCP-3679, a pad of fifty non-anomalous sheets of paper, and a note from the seller.

Initial attempts at making contact with PoI-3679 were rejected. After leaving a one-star review of the purchased kit, PoI-3679 initiated correspondence with Senior Researcher Maxwell, head researcher assigned to SCP-3679.

PoI-3679 ended communication after this, leading Foundation personnel to attempt to track them by IP. After locating an IP address, agents were dispatched with orders to capture PoI-3679 if possible. When agents arrived at the location derived from the traced IP address2, they found only a small copse of trees showing no signs of human habitation. Field agents have been assigned to observe this location until further notice.

Any customers that had left reviews on SCP-3679 have been located and amnesticized, with duplicate kits being incinerated.

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