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Item #: SCP-3676

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3676's containment is currently contested between the Foundation and GoI-466 (Wilson's Wildlife Solutions), as per the Boring Agreement — all related correspondence is to be directed through WWS Liaison Kim Madison, the designated head of the project. Chamber 3676-Alpha is to be used to contain the entity as often as feasible, and monitoring of its extra-universal passage is paramount. Forth-Scranton Equalisers are to be used to negate SCP-3676's effects wherever possible.

SCP-3676 is currently uncontained. As and when it re-manifests, Mobile Task Force Upsilon-Peorð ("Slings and Arrows")1 is to track and sedate the entity, before transferring it to Containment Chamber 3676-Beta. Full specifications for said chamber are available in the attached supplementary documentation.

Description: SCP-3676 is an abnormally large specimen of Harpaphe haydeniana, or cyanide millipede, estimated to be at least 1.5 kilometres in length and around 5 metres in diameter. Detailed analysis of SCP-3676's biology has not been possible due to its size and anomalous effects, but preliminary analysis suggests it functions on an internal body plan closer to that of most vertebrates than non-anomalous millipedes. It should be noted that, despite this, it is a genetic match with Harpaphe haydeniana and externally identical, excepting the additional body segments.

Aside from its exaggerated size, SCP-3676's primary anomalous property occurs whenever it attempts to burrow, or otherwise move quickly between locations. When such an event occurs, SCP-3676 will sporadically generate Class-E ("Momentary Lapse of Reason") wormholes between baseline reality and a related branch universe2 and almost invariably pass through into said universe. These wormholes are two-dimensional, largely imperceptible, and temporarily stable following creation (existing for between 42 minutes and 3 months, with a mean duration of 2 weeks); in addition to this, their generation is hypothesised to be restricted to Nx-17 (the Asphodel-class nexus localised in the town of Boring, Oregon, and the surrounding area), but this is unconfirmed as SCP-3676 has yet to leave the area. The effect is purely physical in nature, and SCP-3676 does not possess any additional temporal, metaphysical, or probabilistic effects related to alternate timelines or causal progression.

SCP-3676 was initially catalogued on 12/06/2015, as part of a joint investigation by Research Task Force Sigel-9 ("Oregon Trailblazers"), Mobile Task Force Beta-4 ("Castaways") and a team of staff from Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. While successful in identifying the creature and mitigating immediate damage to the area, disputes arose regarding which organisation should take control of the anomaly. As per the Boring Agreement, Wilson's Wildlife Solutions had area priority, while Foundation staff maintained (and continue to maintain) that SCP-3676 posed a sufficient threat to human life to warrant high-level containment by the Foundation's Department of Extra-Universal Affairs.

The following is a record of all major events relating to SCP-3676's containment:

Date Nature of event Followup action taken
12/06/2015 Initial contact established. Two personnel lost in an unknown branch universe after falling through a tunnel left by SCP-3676. Currently deemed MIA. Containment established as Foundation-priority, on the grounds that an alternate reality does not constitute part of the state of Oregon, regardless of its geographical status. Containment Chamber 3676-Alpha built, with Forth-Scranton Equalisers to prevent multi-universal shifts.
29/07/2015 It is noted during casual discussion that three members of SCP-3676's containment team believed US President William Henry Harrison died of an infected wound after 43 days in office, rather than of pneumonia after 31 (as is established history). No other major discrepancies in recollections of historical events were noted. Due to an inability to ascertain the persons' point of origin, and the lack of any debilitating psychological effects caused by the incident, the decision was made to assign the staff the positions of their counterparts, under the assumption that the alternate Foundation will do the same for our original staff.
05/12/2015 Power failure results in a containment breach of SCP-3676 and a number of other anomalous entities. The entity escapes through an adjacent universe in which the chamber was not constructed, and re-manifests 13 km north-east, alongside large amounts of rubble and several irradiated corpses. Wilson's Wildlife Solutions staff tranquillise the entity at the scene, and begin to draft plans for long-term containment. Foundation staff object, but WWS Liaison Madison enacts home-ground priority provided the entity does not shift universes again. Long-term sedation is enacted, and remains functional until 28/03/2016.
28/03/2016 Sedation chemicals are spontaneously removed from SCP-3676's bloodstream, presumably ejected into a branch universe of unknown nature, and the entity regains consciousness, demanifesting almost immediately. MTF Upsilon-Peorð attempt to subdue it upon its re-manifestation, but are repeatedly dragged by SCP-3676 into alternate universes, alongside near-identical copies of themselves. The entity escapes in the ensuing confusion. The entity remains uncontained for approximately six weeks, during which time multiple geological disturbances are noted in and around the area.
02/04/2016 A large statue of unknown origin is uncovered 40 km from the border of Boring, presumably manifesting as the result of SCP-3676's activities. The object appears to be a representation of SCP-3676 itself, and is inscribed with the names of several hundred people, as well as what appears to be a cause of death. "Battle" features prominently, as do "Elsewhere" and "The Greater Good". Preliminary analysis places its date of creation at no more than five years previously. Item taken into storage. Further action deemed unnecessary.
11/05/2016 SCP-3676 re-manifests in Containment Chamber 3676-Alpha. Numerous crossbow bolts are found embedded in the entity's back, and it appears severely weakened from extensive blood loss. Plans are made to transport the entity away from Nx-17, but WWS Liaison Madison objects on grounds of preserving natural parabiodiversity, as well as supporting the group's development of esoteric containment methods.
15/06/2016 SCP-3676 demanifests from its chamber shortly after containment rights are transferred to Wilson's Wildlife Solutions. Attempts to pinpoint its location in U-space fail due to SCP-3676's removal and partial consumption of the relevant equipment. Pending — see below.

Following the event on 15/06/2016, the decision was made to contact Wilson's Wildlife Solutions directly, rather than through a liaison (as is protocol). Timothy Wilson (founder and leader) reacted with surprise after being informed about the anomaly, and reported that no such entity existed on their records. When questioned about Ms. Kimberly Madison, Wilson responded that there was no such person on their payroll; a woman by that name had approached him for a position some years previously, but had been killed in a car accident shortly afterwards.

Containment has since reverted to Foundation control, and the construction of Chamber 3676-Beta is ongoing. The location and origin of PoI-7643 ("Kimberly Madison Alternate") and the WWS research team responsible for initial categorisation are currently unknown.

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