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Item #: SCP-3674

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Sector H was already sequestered from the public under normal security protocol. Contingency plans to take control of the building (or, at least, contain SCP-3674 within it) are currently under review, and additional resources from other Foundation sites have been requested. Personnel are prohibited from entering Sector H at this time. Temporary observation towers maintain a perimeter around the facility; any persons approaching this perimeter will be shot on sight.

Surviving personnel previously assigned to Sector H are to remain in quarantine until the examination team has completed their review. They will be reassigned according to necessity.

Description: SCP-3674 is the designation for an unidentified entity and/or group of entities responsible for the assault on Site 24's Sector H on August 8, 2018. This incident resulted in the death and/or disappearance of 44 of the 97 personnel stationed in the facility, and 18 members of the emergency response team. The building was completely overrun, and is still believed to be occupied by one or more of the entities. As of this date, the facility remains under SCP-3674's control. Investigations into its current state via autonomous drones have been met with failure and loss of equipment.

Though SCP-3674's nature remains unclear, evidence suggests that Agent Christian Brandt is at least partly responsible for causing its manifestation, and/or may have aided these entities during their incursion.

Eyewitness reports describe SCP-3674 as multiple independent entities; however, evidence suggests that they may be a single entity with metamorphic properties. For the purposes of this document, they will be treated as discrete entities. All entities are purportedly capable of speech, and are heard as a mixture of languages dependent on what the listener is fluent in.

Designation Description
SCP-3674-A Entity had the body of a human male, with an owl head. Some witnesses reported that it had large raven-like wings, while others have claimed it had no wings.
SCP-3674-B Humanoid male in a lab coat, with an unidentifiable, possibly shifting face. The entity carried a sword capable of igniting fires.
SCP-3674-C A large bird, possibly a stork or crane, capable of speech.
SCP-3674-D Unknown. This entity is possibly the main opposition to recovery teams' attempts at reclaiming Sector H. Its speech has been measured at up to 135 decibels, and is detrimental to humans.

All records of SCP-3674's anomalous activity come from recorded video and radio transmissions between Sector H and Site-24 during the incursion (along with anecdotal accounts from surviving personnel). A sampling of these records is provided below in what is estimated to be their chronological order (with some overlap between files).

Initial Report of SCP-3674 activity

The following is a log of secure communications between Communications Officers Felix Juhl of Sector H, and Annika Bach of Site 24. Due to the use of mixed languages, translations have been provided in parentheses. These are considered best guesses, and may not be accurate.

Interviews with Sector H Survivors

All interviews were conducted by Dr. Bartus from Site-45 under direction of O5 Command.

Addendum-1: Acting Site Director Anders Stensby met with Dr. Bartus to discuss the current state of Sector H and what may have happened to cause SCP-3674.

Updates to the investigation into the events that precluded the loss of Sector H, and the state of the building itself will be addended to this document once approved by the O5 Council.

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