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View of SCP-3673 after disappearance of Drone 2B. Note distortions in layout, duplication of interior and absence of windows.

Item #: SCP-3673

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-3673 is to be sealed and guarded with the cover story of a failed restoration project. The door to SCP-3673 remains closed and barricaded. All footage recorded by the camera in SCP-3673 will be retained for analysis. A second camera is to be installed to film through the windows into SCP-3673.

Security personnel are advised to ignore any noises audible from SCP-3673. Further experimentation is pending Level 4 approval.

Description: SCP-3673 is studio 5C of the ███████ Arts Building, located in Lower Manhattan. The room is located on the fifth floor and was used as a ballet studio. It contains a mirrored wall with ballet barre, roof-level windows on the northern side, and a single door. There are no other exits.

On or about July 7, 2016, SCP-3673 became the locus of a spatial anomaly. Since this time, when the door to SCP-3673 is closed, all persons inside appear to be affected by spatial distortions and related phenomena.

These phenomena cannot be observed from outside SCP-3673. When the door to SCP-3673 is closed, no communication is possible with persons inside the studio; the room appears empty when viewed through the exterior windows. No persons who have been subject to the anomaly have been recovered.

The only information about the anomalous conditions within SCP-3673 is from a CCTV camera located in the upper north-west corner of the room. The camera records black and white video, but not sound. From this camera, the majority of the studio may be observed, including when the door is closed.

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