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SCP-3667 following Incident Report 17/12/2010. SCP-3667-1a is out of frame.

Item: SCP-3667

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3667 is a spatial anomaly located within a sinkhole at the bottom of the “Peace” kimberlite diamond mine (commonly referred to as the Mirny mine) in Mirny,1 Sakha Republic. Although ground-penetrating radar and magnetotelluric imaging techniques do not reveal any unusual structures below the mine or the town of Mirny, the sinkhole contains a Leibniz-class2 spatial anomaly, approximately 5km at its widest point and 6km at its highest point, consisting of a subterranean network of caves and passages, which contain:

  • A variety of stone structures and complexes, usually crudely built;
  • To date, 24 unique species, classified as SCP-3667-1a through -1x. Certain species are sapient, and the vast majority are anomalous. All species display hostility to humans, especially those of Russian descent;
  • To date, approximately 12,000 anomalous human beings, classified collectively as SCP-3667-2, most suffering from varying degrees of psychological stress;
  • A variety of machinery, mostly wooden, designed to imprison and/or torture humans or humanoid figures, classified as SCP-3667-3.

Estimated perimeter of SCP-3667 overlaid on baseline topography (09/23/2016)

Discovery: The sinkhole containing the entrance to SCP-3667 was formed on 17/12/2010, when workers at the Mirny mine performed a routine drilling operation. When the drill unexpectedly encountered the spatial anomaly and penetrated the cavern system of SCP-3667, the resulting cave-in killed at least one worker and injured several others. Initial exploration of the cave system by the workers identified some of the aforementioned stone structures and possible human remains; while attempting to contact their superiors, an instance of SCP-3667-1a violently emerged from the sinkhole and immolated the survivors.

Foundation assets were scrambled from nearby Site-574 after intercepting dozens of police calls describing a winged humanoid creature; fires and collapsed buildings across the town of Mirny delayed the response time of Foundation personnel considerably. Ground troops proved ineffective in subduing or terminating the instance, and 17 MTF members were killed by immolation or falling debris before a Foundation helicopter was able to eliminate the threat.


Aftermath of SCP-3667-1a attack, later explained as a gas leak.

In the immediate aftermath, the town of Mirny was aerially amnesticized by Foundation operatives, and the extensive fire damage was attributed to a gas leak at the nearby Mirny Polytechnic Institute. Surviving workers and executives of the Alrosa mining company were amnesticized separately, and were led to believe that the Mirny mine had ceased production in 2004 and was now off-limits to the public. The existing surface-to-air missile system perimeter was established in anticipation of further SCP-3667-1a excursions, and SCP-3667 was classified as a Keter-class anomaly. To date, three further instances of SCP-3667-1a and one instance of SCP-3667-1f have exited the sinkhole; all have been swiftly terminated.

Notable SCP-3667-1 Sub-Instances:

This is a partial list only, emphasizing the most dangerous or noteworthy SCP-3667 species. For a complete list of sub-instances, see Document 3667-1: Complete List of Sub-Instances.

SCP-3667-1a: Cynocephalic humanoid with large, bat-like wings, measuring
approximately 3m in height. Entity is covered in short, coarse fur and continually exudes a flammable oil-like substance, which it is able to anomalously ignite and use in an offensive capacity. Captive entities display rudimentary cognitive ability, forming complex social structures and able to recognize recurring patterns in abstract shapes.

SCP-3667-1f: Toad-like entity approximately 1m in height. Possesses no respiratory or digestive systems, and instead has a large, spike-filled cavity which instances have been observing using to transport SCP-3667-2 between variations of SCP-3667-3. Research is ongoing regarding how SCP-3667-1f performs metabolic functions without any apparent source of nutrients.

SCP-3667-1m: Emaciated humanoid entity approximately 1.5m in height, with red-brown skin and oversized head. Entity displays human-level intelligence and speaks modern Russian, offering subjects wealth and power in exchange for cherished personal objects; however, the entity possesses no anomalous abilities and, as soon as a bargain is struck, will attempt to renegotiate for something readily available.

SCP-3667-1x: Forty-eight kyphotic humanoids approximately 5m in height, covered in furs and wearing oversized skulls of a variety of tundra animals, primarily moose, deer, and elk. Entities speak Old Church Slavonic, but numerous grammatical errors and anachronisms indicate a familiarity with modern Russian. They refer to themselves collectively as магистрат, or “magistrates.”


On 20/03/2012, following the establishment of the Mirny mine perimeter and subsequent SCP-3667-1 excursions, exploration of SCP-3667 was deemed a priority by Regional Administrator Angelina Mikhailova. MTF Chi-5 was mobilized for initial exploration on 22/03/2012, and first entry into SCP-3667 occurred on 23/03/2012. All dialogue has been translated from Russian.


Level 3/3667-2 clearance required.


On 23/08/2014, after 41 separate explorations of SCP-3667 mapping much of its interior, as well as capturing and containing instances of all known SCP-3667-1 species, a large (approx. 50m in height) porcine, previously unrecorded species of SCP-3667-1 exited the sinkhole and proceeded to assault the MTF Chi-5 base camp, leading to 3 casualties and 20 severe injuries. Due to the instance’s possession of the same anomalous regeneration capabilities previously observed in SCP-3667-2 instances, as well as what superficially appeared to be an exoskeleton, on-site personnel were unsuccessful at termination attempts and instead called a strategic retreat to Site-574 to wait for reinforcement. Upon returning to the Mirny mine, Foundation personnel discovered that the SCP-3667-1 instance (classified as SCP-3667-1v) had destroyed much of the missile system perimeter and returned to the area directly in front of the sinkhole, where it remained unresponsive to further Foundation actions, including preparations for a coordinated round of air-to-ground drone strikes which eventually succeeded in terminating it.


Regional Administrator Angelina Mikhailova (left) and Director Ndeye Bocoume.

In response, Site-574 Director Ndeye Bocoume and Sakha Republic Regional Administrator Angelina Mikhailova issued a joint request to the O5 council, arguing that given the continued danger to Foundation personnel and Mirny residents posed by large, hostile SCP-3667-1 instances, as well as the number of SCP-3667-1 instances already kept in containment, MTF Chi-5 and additional Foundation reinforcements should proactively terminate all hostile SCP-3667-1 instances within SCP-3667 and attempt to secure the cooperation of sentient instances where possible.

After 8 separate Ethics Committee hearings, O5 approval was granted on 02/13/2015. MTF Chi-5 Teams One through Three, as well as MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”) Teams Two through Four, began invasion preparations on 02/22/2015 and entered the anomaly on 04/07/2015.

SCP-3667-1x: On 04/10/2015, three days after incursion, twenty-four separate instances of a previously unrecorded SCP-3667-1 subspecies, SCP-3667-1x, exited the sinkhole. MTF crews manning the missile system perimeter did not immediately open fire due to the presence of a large white cloth tied to a branch, being waved repeatedly by one of the entities. After discussion with Regional Administrator Angelina Mikhailova, a small contingent of MTF operatives accompanied local translator Perevodchik to the sinkhole in order to attempt communication. All dialogue has been transcribed from Russian and Old Church Slavonic.

Site-667: On 06/06/2015, the Foundation reached an agreement with surviving members of SCP-3667-1, represented by SCP-3667-1x, ceding control of SCP-3667 to the Foundation in exchange for limited autonomy within the anomaly and freedom from arbitrary termination. Construction of Site-667, a Foundation Site within SCP-3667 to directly study Leibniz-class anomalies and entities, began on 01/03/2016 and was completed on 12/11/2017. A second building, the Francis Zhou9 Memorial Research Complex, is currently under development. Ndeye Bocoume was transferred to become the Site-667 Director, and was replaced as Site-574 Director by Anatoly Polyakov.

Upon the recommendation of SCP-3667-1x instances, and confirmed by modern understanding of Leibniz-class anomalies, several extrascientific steps have been taken by Foundation personnel at Site-667 to ensure the continued stability of the anomaly in which they reside. Most pertinently, the “ruler” of SCP-3667 must have an honorific that accurately represents both the anomaly and the belief system of the individuals who created it; after careful consideration, Director Ndeye Bocoume’s honorific has been determined to be “Director of Hell,” and she will be referred to as such in all official documentation. SCP-3667-1x instances have also been authorized to perform a variety of other rituals (see Document 3667-4: Approved Site-667 Leibniz-Class Rituals ) in order to ensure the continued stability of SCP-3667.


After almost 5 years of research, we have discovered no anomalous ability possessed by SCP-3667-2 instances other than their anomalous regeneration capabilities. Given the enormous material cost required to maintain them, effective immediately the Foundation is disbanding this department and relocating all SCP-3667-2 instances to classified locations, where they will be allowed to reintegrate into society.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the others who have worked in this department, both human and other, and to say that I have greatly appreciated the last 5 years spent working together.

Paul Xxaravox, Eater of Fire
SCP-3667-2 Research Department Head, Site-667

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