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Item #: SCP-3665

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3665 is to be contained in a standard Safe Class locker in Site-19. In the event that the packaged 'Imitation Blood' contained within SCP-3665 runs out, blood obtained from D-Class personnel may be used. During testing, research staff are advised to ensure that the powder used in the activation of SCP-3665-1 is not lost.

Description: SCP-3665 is a 15x10x3.5cm package of a powdery substance, labelled as 'Instant Demon, Just Add Blood!', with a depiction of a stylized male and female demon, with ram-like horns, and bat-like wings, on either side of the text. Inside the package, there is a moderate amount of dry powder of an unidentified substance, or mixture of substances, having the overall consistency of talcum powder. Also packaged is a small, plastic container of 'Imitation Blood', containing what appears to be cranberry juice, red food coloring, and a currently unidentified substance, along with instructions for use.

When these instructions are followed, the powder around the area where the subject's name was written will begin to steam, and will continue to do so for roughly twenty minutes. Following this, SCP-3665-1 will appear to the individual who activated SCP-3665, appearing first as a red mist, before adopting its usual form, expressing discontent that it must 'limit itself to such a lowly form', and greeting the individual who 'summoned' it.

SCP-3665-1 is an entity that is only perceptible to the individual who activated SCP-3665. Exact features such as gender, age, and ethnicity vary based on the individual, but SCP-3665-1 is most often described to be a humanoid, with the addition of features similar to a depiction of a demon or evil spirit, such as horn-like protrusions from the head, bat-like wings, and a short tail2. SCP-3665-1 will speak in the language best known by the individual who activated SCP-3665, and appears to have an innate knowledge of the subject's history, personal life, and preferences. SCP-3665-1 appears to be unaware of, or unwilling to acknowledge anyone except the individual who 'summoned' it. SCP-3665-1 is able to seemingly remember specific events when activated by the same person multiple times, but is unable or unwilling to recall events that happened when it was activated by another individual.

While present, SCP-3665-1 will perform tasks that are assigned to it by the individual who activated SCP-3665, however, actions that SCP-3665-1 appears to take do not affect anything other than the subject's perception. For instance, if asked to move a cup from one table to another, the subject would visualize SCP-3665-1 moving the cup. No-one other than the subject would see the cup moving. However, when SCP-3665-1 expires, the cup would be in its original position. SCP-3665-1 is also seemingly unable to cause anyone serious injury, or do anything that would significantly affect the surrounding area, due to its only being able to affect the subject's perception. If asked to do something it is unable to, SCP-3665-1 will respond with: 'Leave these frivolous demands, which strike a terror to my fainting soul!'3. SCP-3665-1 will react similarly if asked a question the subject is unaware of the answer to. This can include giving incorrect information if the subject holds an untrue belief. After two hours, SCP-3665-1 will begin to disappear, described as evaporating slowly. During this time, all changes to the subject's perception will be reverted.

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