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Urgent: Containment procedures for SCP-3661 have recently been updated.



Item Number: SCP-3661

Item Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-3661-A is the collective designation assigned to various infant toys containing anomalous mechanical components. SCP-3661-A objects are visually indistinguishable from typical toys or dolls. The anomalous components are concealed within the objects, though mechanical parts emerge during activation events.

Instances of SCP-3661-A are designated SCP-3661-A1, SCP-3661-A2, and so on. The Foundation has contained ███ SCP-3661-A objects since first encounter in 19██ . SCP-3661-A components have been found in both mass-produced and handmade toys. Each SCP-3661-A object contained by the Foundation corresponds with a specific instance of SCP-3661-B.

SCP-3661-B is the collective designation assigned to human newborns and infants targeted by SCP-3661-A objects. No instance of SCP-3661-B has displayed anomalous properties other than causing activation of SCP-3661-A objects.

SCP-3661-A objects periodically activate when the corresponding SCP-3661-B instance enters REM sleep. During activation, SCP-3661-A objects extrude hair-thin “wires” tipped with [REDACTED]1. The wires use unknown technology L-IV classified technology to achieve serpentine movement. No method of predicting or controlling SCP-3661-A activation has been discovered.

Wires extended by SCP-3661-A have demonstrated the ability to reach up to 5 meters, and are able to navigate around/through simple obstacles. The means by which SCP-3661-A objects achieve this navigation is unknown, as are the means by which they obtain information about the status and location of SCP-3661-B instances.

The wires move in the direction of the corresponding SCP-3661-B instance and, if able to reach it, enter its body through passageways such as the tear ducts, esophagus, and urethra. SCP-3661-A wires have also been observed to enter targets by making small incisions on the face, neck, or limbs and proceeding to [REDACTED]2.

Research indicates that SCP-3661-A wires administer an anesthetic that prevents SCP-3661-B from waking during activation events. Approximately 8% of SCP-3661-B instances in containment display extreme distress during activation events, which is hypothesized to be caused by immunity to this effect.

SCP-3661 activation events last, on average, for 8 minutes and 43 seconds. At the conclusion of activation events, SCP-3661-1 objects retract all wires through the passageways by which they entered. Internal imaging of SCP-3661-B instances during activation events shows [REDACTED]3.

When another human approaches within approximately 5m during an activation event, SCP-3661-A objects fully retract all wires near-instantaneously (within 0.15 seconds). This procedure carries a risk (approximately 3%) of an apparent malfunction in which the wires fail to tunnel backward and create exit wounds instead, causing major tissue damage to SCP-3661-B. For this reason, tests involving contact between SCP-3661-A and SCP-3661-B require Ethics Committee review a safe zone of 15m has been established around the SCP-3661-B containment area.

The internal injuries caused by exposure to SCP-3661-A activity are not detectable by civilian medical equipment, and are typically misdiagnosed as autoimmune disorders or other systemic conditions. Long-term exposure to SCP-3661-A activity causes fatal organ failure; SCP-3661-B instances that are not separated from the associated 3661-A object expire within 18 months.

22% of SCP-3661-A objects in containment have been observed to cease activation before this time, and apparently become inert. No way to predict or control this phenomenon has been found. Research is ongoing.

First encounter: The Foundation initially catalogued SCP-3661 when routine data mining indicated possible anomalous activity during a 911 call in ██████, ██ on ██/██/19██.

Civilian medical services transported the doll and the infant (later designated SCP 3661-A1 and 3661-B1, respectively) to █████ hospital, where they were intercepted by foundation personnel.

Surgeons at Site-██ were unable to separate SCP-3661-B1 from the object; the instance expired 4 hours and 28 minutes into the procedure. Autopsy revealed that the main cluster of wires had maneuvered around the eyeball to access [REDACTED]4 through the optic cavity. Additional wires had [REDACTED]5 through the eardrum, and tunneled through the neck and thoracic cavity to make contact with the heart.

Cover story 3661-CS1 ("loose-object strangulation") was established; MTF Sigma-12 ("Doctor Feelgoods") altered hospital records and witness accounts to match cover story.

It is hypothesized that SCP-3661-A1 malfunctioned during the activation event, preventing its wires from retracting. No similar incident has been recorded during SCP-3661's containment.


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