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Item #: SCP-3659

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-3659 instances are stored in a standard Safe locker outside of testing. SCP-3659-A instances are kept in a specialized dinosaur habitat with adequate vegetation and an electric fence, and are to be monitored by members of MTF Phi-2 ("Clever Girls").

Reports of ceratopsian dinosaurs are to be investigated, and MTF Phi-2 deployed to capture any SCP-3659-A or SCP-3659-B instances present.

SCP-3659-B instances are kept in individual, reinforced dinosaur enclosures, and supplied with a live pig once every two days.

Description: SCP-3659 instances are rubber hand puppets in the shape of a Triceratops head.

When a subject wears SCP-3659, it will adhere to the subject's hand. When attached, SCP-3659 is sentient and behaves as such. The subject can 'feed' SCP-3659 plants by opening and closing their hand to make SCP-3659's mouth open and close.

No compulsive or memetic effects have been identified. If test subjects decline to feed or play with SCP-3659 for several days, SCP-3659 will become inert and detach from the subject's hand until worn by someone new.

If SCP-3659 is continually fed, it will gradually expand to cover more of the subject's body. Additional rubber, dinosaur-shaped accessories will manifest near the subject while they sleep: these include gloves and boots shaped like Triceratops feet, a wearable rubber tail, and a poncho with a reptilian skin pattern.

After 2-3 days, SCP-3659 and any added accessories worn at the time will stretch until they envelop the subject's entire body. At this point, SCP-3659's rubber components will fuse at their junctions and form the shape of a juvenile Triceratops, and peel itself off of the subject. In 2-4 hours, SCP-3659's rubber will transmute into reptilian flesh and SCP-3659 will become a visually nonanomalous Triceratops, designated SCP-3659-A. SCP-3659-A will then proceed to lay a clutch of eggs, each one hatching to reveal a new instance of SCP-3659.

Addendum: D-61195 was instructed to feed his SCP-3659 instance meat in place of plants. SCP-3659 stretched to envelop him after only 12 hours of adhesion, and did not eject D-61195 upon taking form. The resulting dinosaur, designated SCP-3659-B, resembled a stocky, quadrupedal tyrannosaur with a Triceratops frill and horns. Testing revealed the non-ceratopsian features (jaws, teeth, hip bones, and claws) to be a genetic match for D-61195.

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