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Item #: SCP-3658

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3658 cannot be contained as it exists in a non-physical dimension. No physical projections of SCP-3658 have been discovered.

SCP-3658-1 is to be contained inside a glass capsule that has a radius of 1 cm, and a height of 6 cm. The walls of the glass capsule are 5 mm thick to lessen the chances of Quantum Tunneling.

Attached to the outside of the glass capsule is an apparatus that produces an axial magnetic field, and a quadrupole electric field. This apparatus forms a Penning trap to prevent SCP-3658-1 from making contact with the walls of the capsule and keep it suspended in the middle.

Another apparatus is placed 12 cm away from the middle of the glass capsule. This apparatus measures SCP-3658-1’s magnetic field direction and electric charge which effectively collapses SCP-3658-1’s wave function.

Description: SCP-3658 is believed to be an extradimensional entity that can freely move through time. It is currently up to debate whether if SCP-3658 is an entity who originated in the temporal dimension, or is an entity who was put in the temporal dimension by an external force/being.

SCP-3658 is an extradimensional entity that exists in the temporal dimension. SCP-3658 manifests itself onto the physical dimension as a subatomic particle with roughly the size of a proton. This physical manifestation is called SCP-3658-1.

SCP-3658-1 share some intrinsic properties with quantum particles, and might disappear when not under observation (Quantum Tunneling). After disappearing, SCP-3658-1 would instantaneously reappear somewhere in a 4 AU (598,400,000 km) radius from where it disappeared. This would suggest that SCP-3658-1 is capable of faster-than-light travel.

SCP-3658-1 also has the ability to generate radio signals with specific frequencies, amplitudes, and interval patterns. SCP-3658-1 uses this ability to send radio transmissions in an attempt of communicating.

Communication with SCP-3658 began with the Wow! Signal that was picked up by the ███ ███ █████ Telescope on August 15, 1977. Further communication with SCP-3658 requires the sender to follow specific directions given by SCP-3658 him/herself.

SCP-3658 seems to be highly intelligent as it encodes its transmissions in Binary, Morse code, etc.
SCP-3658 also changes its transmission location every after a message to minimize the chances of someone else picking it up. Specific coordinates on where the next transmission will be sent from is indicated at the end of the previous message along with the type of message encryption.

The first coherent message sent by SCP-3658 was received by the ███ ███ █████ Telescope two (2) minutes after it received the Wow! Signal. SCP-3658 communicated by sending an 8-minute long radio outburst patterned in Morse code with the signals of intensity 9 corresponding to a "dot", intensity E corresponding to a "dash", and intensity 5 corresponding to a "space". When translated back to English, the message spells out “Alcor Mizar”, which pertains to two stars located in the constellation Ursa Major. This transmission is known as "Transmission #0" and is the first of 89 known transmissions sent by SCP-3658.

Addendum: After Dr. █████ █████’s discovery of both the Wow! and Alcor Mizar signals, he immediately informed the ████ Institute, which has been a long-time partner of the SCP Foundation.

Dr. █████ █████'s colleague, Elijah ██████, was asked to be a full-time member of the SCP Foundation in order to conduct further research on SCP-3658.

Elijah ██████ was given access to the ████████ Telescope owned by the SCP Foundation, which acts both as a radio transmitter, and a radio receiver. Unlike the ███ ███ █████ Telescope which only received radio signals in 12-second intervals, the ████████ Telescope can receive radio signals in 1-second intervals. The ████████ Telescope was pointed towards the direction of the Alcor-Mizar star system starting on August 19, 1977.

List of declassified recorded "conversations" with SCP-3658:

Addendum 2: After the capture of SCP-3658's physical projection, also known as SCP-3658-1, Dr. ███ ██ and his team has spent countless hours in trying to study SCP-3658-1.

Communication with radio signals between the Foundation and SCP-3658 continued even after SCP-3658-1's capture. Upon examination, it seems SCP-3658 communicates by using SCP-3658-1 as a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. Further experiments show that SCP-3658-1 is able to generate radio waves of any frequency, and amplitude.

Logs of the succeeding conversations between the Foundation and SCP-3658 are still classified under the direct orders of Dr. ███ ██. In spite of this, Dr. ███ ██ has stated that SCP-3658 clearly answered all of the Foundation's questions, but answers to these questions remain undisclosed to prevent any kind of time paradox.

The Interview

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