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Item #: SCP-3657

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3657 is contained within morgue-17 in Site-551. All personnel assigned to SCP-3657 are required to consume at least 180 mL of coffee, tea, or similar caffeinated drinks prior to interacting with the object.

Description: SCP-3657 is the corpse of Robert Ruth, an obscure American actor which starred in various films throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. The corpse has not been observed to decompose while in Foundation custody, despite its abdominal cavity being exposed.

SCP-3657-1 is a spatial anomaly manifesting in the place of SCP-3657's internal organs in the abdominal cavity. This anomaly physically manifests as a door to a diner, with a flashing neon sign reading "COFFEE"1 behind the glass. Entry into SCP-3657-1 is achieved via pulling the door handle, which will teleport the subject attempting to enter inside. SCP-3657-1 only permits one sentient entity within it at a time and will become inaccessible to subjects attempting to gain entry.

Despite its appearance, SCP-3657-1's interior does not resemble a coffee shop and is relatively featureless. The only notable objects within SCP-3657-1 are a wooden stool, a coffee vending machine2, and a trash can. Pressing the "coffee" button causes the coffee machine to dispense a single paper cup. Coffee will begin to pour out of SCP-3657's nipples, which will run down its torso and towards its open abdominal cavity. The liquid will be rapidly absorbed by the anomaly's skin and manifest within the dispensed paper cup.3

The coffee produced by SCP-3657 has been found to not possess any anomalous properties and its taste is generally described as "too creamy."

Discovery: SCP-3657 was discovered on 17/3/2023 in Torrance, California after Agent Frederick overheard a homeless woman attempting to enter a corpse and shouting profanities at another person, who was found to be inside SCP-3657-1. An investigation confirmed that nearly 10,000 homeless individuals had used Ruth's corpse as a source of coffee and shelter since the subject's death in December 29th, 2018.

It is believed that SCP-3657's anomaly is tangibly related to their performance in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. In the film, Ruth played a coffee shop manager during a robbery, in which the following lines occur:

Robber 1: We got a hero here, honey bunny!

Robber 2: Well, just execute him!

Ruth: I am not a hero, I'm just a coffee shop-

Robber 1: Get the fuck down!

Ruth is listed in the credits as 'A Coffee Shop'4 as a result of this exchange. Quentin Tarantino (the film's director) has denied involvement in the creation of SCP-3657 but remains a suspect due to their involvement in prior anart crimes.

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