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Current appearance of SCP-3656.

Item #: SCP-3656

Object Class: Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: The area previously containing SCP-3656 is surrounded by a chain-link fence and monitored by CCTV. Signage is to denote the area as containing hazardous chemical waste to deter civilian intrusion. If it is necessary for staff to enter the area, appropriate protective gear is required and use of personal dosimeters and Geiger counters is advised.

Description: SCP-3656 is a 5.5 km2 field, formerly Site-70 and the greater part of the suburb of ████████, in outer Chicago, Illinois. It is contaminated by high levels of radioactive isotopes, mostly strontium-90 and caesium-137. The average radiation across the area is approximately 50 kBq/m2.

SCP-3656 demonstrates no current anomalous effects.

Archived File - 04/07/16


Central building of Site-70.

Item #: SCP-3656

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: One Foundation staff member (Representative A-1) has been designated the primary point of contact with SCP-3656. On the 4th day of each month at 9am (UTC-6:00), this staff member is to lead a team into SCP-3656 and document the proceedings. All events within SCP-3656 should be audio recorded and transcribed. Overt video and photographic recording is prohibited as its use causes entities within SCP-3656 to react with suspicion. Clandestine recording requires Level 4 staff approval.

All staff entering SCP-3656 should be of Iranian ethnicity, fluent in Farsi and with comprehensive knowledge of Iranian culture and history, particularly of the Safavid dynasty (1501-1736). Representative A-1 should be a Level 3 staff member with experience in public policy, international law and diplomatic negotiation. Staff within SCP-3656 are to identify themselves as representatives of the “Sublime State of Iran in Exile” (Group-A), a group known to SCP-3656 entities prior to Foundation involvement. Appropriate documents and identification have been prepared for this purpose, and no materiel with Foundation information or insignia is to enter SCP-3656. Staff are advised not to consume any items within SCP-3656.

Personnel who enter SCP-3656 require an additional briefing and memetic resistance screening conducted by the SCP-2155 research team. All documents making detailed reference to Group-H should be considered a memetic hazard and quarantined until their anomalous status can be determined.

Description: SCP-3656 is a room in the basement of the house at 50 Adams St., ████████, Chicago, Illinois. The address was formerly the residence of Mr Ali Mirzakhani, a businessman and member of the Iranian community in Chicago. Since its acquisition by the Foundation in 2006, the building was given the designation Site-70, which eventually acquired both neighbouring houses to accommodate personnel and research materiel.

On the 4th day of each month, when an individual enters SCP-3656 and closes the door behind them, an SCP-3656 event will occur, where SCP-3656 will take on the appearance of a conference room with a central table and seating for 40 people. A door also appears on the opposite side of the room to the entrance, through which entities enter and exit. Exploration attempts beyond this have met resistance from SCP-3656 entities. While an event is in progress, establishing outside communication or access has been unsuccessful, and GPS tracking devices lose signal.

Between 20 and 40 humanoid entities will be present in SCP-3656, several with anomalous features. All identify themselves as representatives of groups belonging to the “Displaced Governments Cooperation Organisation”, or DGCO (SCP-3656-1). SCP-3656-1 appears to be a supranational organisation with the aim of promoting diplomatic, cultural and economic cooperation. Its member groups describe themselves as governments which have lost control over most or all of their claimed national territory. Despite these circumstances, they claim to possess considerable financial and military resources, with access to both conventional and anomalous weaponry. The entities within SCP-3656 frequently refer to locations, individuals and events for which no evidence has been found in baseline reality.

Thus far, 8 groups have been identified in SCP-3656.

Group-A (Foundation staff only) - "The Sublime State of Iran in Exile"

  • A US-based Iranian diaspora organisation dedicated to the return of Shahanshah “Abbas V Safavi”, pretender to the Iranian throne and head of the Safavid royal household.1 Information on the history and structure of Group-A has been compiled from a mixture of historical modelling and context clues from SCP-3656 entities, which can be found in Document 3656-A-Prime. Staff entering SCP-3656 should familiarise themselves with this document and exercise care to ensure that statements relating to Group-A align with the existing knowledge of SCP-3656 entities.

Group-B - “The Everlasting Tsardom of Russia"

  • An organisation dedicated to the return of the House of Romanov to the Russian throne. Unlike existing Russian monarchist organisations, Group-B refers to “Tsaritsa Alexandra I” as the current pretender. The representative from Group-B appears to be a human cadaver in an advanced stage of decay2, transported in a wheelchair by human assistants. This has never been observed to exhibit anomalous properties, but its attendants translate statements on its behalf. It is unknown whether this entity is able to communicate with them or it is a non-anomalous cadaver towards which its attendants act in a ritualised manner.

Group-C - “The Friends of the Doge”

  • A society claiming to represent the Republic of Venice and Venetian nationalism. It derives the majority of its resources from “Contarini-Morosini Incorporated”, a multinational corporation based in Durrazo3, with business relating to shipping, armaments, textiles, glasswares, precious metals and financial services. This corporation is claimed by Group-C to have a market capitalisation of over 80 billion "New Standard US Dollars" (NsUSD4), and to have controlling stakes in [REDACTED]5. Group-C entities speak both Venetian and archaic Italian.

Group-D - “The Second Pacifican Republic”

  • Group-D claims the territory of the US Pacific states (Alaska, California, Washington and Oregon) with the exception of Hawaii, and expresses negative sentiments towards Americans and the US government. All Group-D entities are dressed in environmental suits, and speak modern English, muffled due to their outfits. Although observation is difficult due to their dress, they appear to be severely malnourished and emaciated humanoids.

Group-E - “The Association for the Restoration of Japan”

  • A militaristic organisation dedicated to Japanese imperial revival, under the “Go-Meiji Emperor”. It bears many similarities in structure and history to the IJAMEA, but no ties between the IJAMEA and Group-E have been discovered as of yet save its representation by an individual named General Yukio Kurata (E-1), who shares the same name as a previous IJAMEA leader. However, the Kurata family is not known to have any living descendants.

Group-F - "The Unity"

  • Group-F entities are the only entities which do not communicate in an intelligible language, and information on Group-F is therefore limited. Although dressed in normal business clothing, they are pale humanoids, roughly 2m tall, with severely atrophied eyes and no visible mouth. They communicate by producing a high-pitched buzzing via an unknown mechanism. All SCP-3656 entities appear to understand this, and will respond to Group-F entities as normal. As translation efforts have been unsuccessful, Foundation staff are advised to respond to Group-F entities with vague, noncommittal statements, unless the content can be inferred from the responses of other entities. Other entities refer to Group-F as 'the Unity', the significance of which is unclear.

Group-G - "The Republic of Poland"

  • Group-G, with regards to its population, territory, history, culture and political structure, is identical to the non-anomalous Republic of Poland. It is unclear why Group-G is a member of SCP-3656-1, as the non-anomalous Republic of Poland has control over its national polity and no outstanding territorial claims. The representative of Group-G is the Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs6, who behaves in a manner consistent with its known counterpart. External surveillance of this individual has revealed no anomalous activity, including during SCP-3656 events. The Foundation’s Polish assets have been directed to be alert for any local evidence of Group-G and SCP-3656.



While an SCP-3656 event is in progress, Representative A-1 is to participate and gather intelligence without raising suspicion, and promote the exercise of restraint and conservatism in policy decisions. If they are asked to make significant policy decisions or SCP-3656 entities have other queries with serious implications, they are advised to make diversionary statements and ask to revisit the issues at the time of the next event, so a course of action can be decided on in the interim with the input of senior staff. Retrieval of objects from within SCP-3656 is a goal so long as it does not attract the attention of SCP-3656 entities.

Addendum 3656-1: Abridged example of an SCP-3656 event

Addendum 3656-2: On 04/07/16, the Foundation team entering SCP-3656 did not reemerge after 30 hours. Staff members Dr Dabashi, Agent Hashemi and Junior Researcher Rahemi have been designated as missing in action. Since this date, SCP-3656 has been inactive, with no deviations from an ordinary basement room. SCP-3656 was subsequently reclassified as Neutralised.

An audio recorder issued to Agent Hashemi was found in SCP-3656 after this event. This is the only example of an item persisting within SCP-3656 after the completion of an event. Large sections of the data are missing, and identification of speakers is speculative, as no context information was available.

Addendum 3656-3: On 20/1/2017, all material within the current bounds of SCP-3656 disappeared, leaving a layer of exposed topsoil. 7 Foundation staff and an estimated 3,200 civilians were affected by this event, and are presumed deceased. The bulk of archived material relating to SCP-3656 was also lost in this event. Responding agents and civilians displayed symptoms of acute radiation poisoning, leading to the discovery of significant radioactive contamination. Widespread administration of Class-B amnestics was required to conceal this event, in combination with a cover story relating to a chemical truck explosion.

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