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Item#: 3655
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An external view of SCP-3655’s main structure, obtained by MTF Epsilon-9.

Special Containment Procedures: Owing to the location and nature of SCP-3655, constant physical containment has been deemed impractical. Containment procedures should therefore centre on the suppression of public knowledge pertaining to the existence, location and nature of SCP-3655 and the doctoring of satellite and telescopic images of the structure.

The interior of the anomaly should be patrolled on a bi-monthly basis by MTF Epsilon-9, accessed from the nearby Lunar-Area 32 using Foundation lunar-surface vehicular technology. Any changes to the interior of the structure should be noted and investigated immediately.

Description: SCP-3655 is an exact replica of Las Vegas’ “The Mint” Hotel and Casino located on the lunar surface, approximately seven kilometres from Oceanus Procellarum1: (“Ocean of Storms”). Based on physical evidence collected from within the structure, it is probable the duplication of SCP-3655 occurred at some point within the month of December, 1966, although no notable suspicious or anomalous activity was reported by the hotel’s inhabitants during this period. The means behind SCP-3655’s appearance on the lunar surface are currently unknown.

Internally, the structure maintains an atmosphere identical to that of Earth, a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and generates or receives water and electricity from an unknown source. However, the interior remains the only area fit for human habitation, as normal lunar conditions resume beyond the outer limits of the structure.

Of note is the significant amount of damage sustained by the interior of the structure, most prominently within the foyer area of the hotel and the central gambling hall of the casino. Furniture and equipment lie vandalised throughout, the foyer has sustained a large amount of fire damage and human remains recovered from beneath floorboards suggest the widespread occurrence of violence following SCP-3655’s appearance.

Discovery: A potential lunar anomaly was first brought to the Foundation’s attention during the immediate aftermath of NASA’s Apollo-12 mission, when Foundation assets embedded within the agency discovered reports of “lunar lights” from Apollo 12’s crew. Further research conducted by the Foundation was later able to verify these claims, with the source being identified as a large, unknown object in close proximity to the Apollo-12 mission site. Despite this knowledge, owing to the limitations of the Foundation’s astronomic capabilities at the time, the duplicated structure was not fully explored and did not receive SCP-classification until██/██/76, an estimated ten years following its appearance.

Upon Foundation discovery, the remains of some 189 inhabitants of the hotel were found throughout the complex in various states of decay, suggesting the anomalous event that led to the duplication of “The Mint” similarly affected any guests present within the structure at the exact moment of duplication. However, this number falls far short of the average number of inhabitants within the hotel and casino at any given time in 1966, suggesting that a significant number of these visitors were either spared the effects of the duplication or have not yet been discovered in or around SCP-3655.

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