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SCP-3653, 2017 Edition. (Non-anomalous, as it is currently not January 1st, 2017)

Item #: SCP-3653

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3653, containment is an annual event, occurring on the first of each year. When new instances of SCP-3653 are discovered, the instances are to be confiscated and incinerated.1 Any persons of clearance level 3 and below known to have seen SCP-3653 directly during January 1st are to be informed that a year only has 365 days. No further action is necessary.

It should be noted that this must be a person-to-person explanation. Reading a written passage (including this article) declaring the amount of days in a year to be 365 is not sufficient to override the belief. Listening to a recording is not sufficient either.

Under no circumstance are any personnel to inform any higher-ranking staff (such as Level 4s who have opted out, or any O5) that a year has 365 days. Doing so shall be punished by immediate termination of employment or life.

As the SCP only affects Foundation personnel, and as its effect is very easily dispelled, it is considered contained.

One instance of SCP-3653 is to be kept in a safe at Site-19 for testing purposes, and replaced each year.

Description: SCP-3653 is a single-sheet calendar with 162 extra days, for a total of 527 or 528 days (dependent upon whether it is a leap year). The calendar has a Foundation logo on its upper left side, and the current year on its upper right side. The calendar is identical to the official Foundation Office Calendar, apart from the extra days. The calendar is printed in landscape orientation on thick-stock 8.5" by 11" paper.

Each year, on January 1st at midnight, it will manifest in █████ homes or dormitories of Foundation members globally, according to the timezone each home is located within. Due to experimentation involving C-Class personnel (and associated records) it has been determined that instances likely originate from one of the extra days close to the end of the previous year, and are distributed by the Foundation itself.

When SCP-3653 manifests, those it comes into contact with during January 1st will in fact experience a 527/528 day year. Additionally, subjects will not fall out of sync with those who have not seen the calendar. Explaining to the subject that a year has only 365 days will cause the subject to snap back to normalcy and retain no direct memory of the fifth and sixth weeks of each month. The calendar is otherwise non-anomalous, and will cause no effect if viewed after January 1st of the year.

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