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by J Dune

Item#: 3651
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SCP-3651-A at the beginning of its manifestation in Kobe, Japan

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-72 H. Norogumi B. Yates Ω-19


Taken from an SCP-3651-B television broadcast

Special Containment Procedures: Reports of SCP-3651 events are to be suppressed. A disinformation campaign has been disseminated among local populations affected by SCP-3651, and the anomaly is regarded as an urban legend. leave your children

During a confirmed SCP-3651 event, MTF-Omega-19 ("Kids See Ghosts") is to be deployed to observe the phenomenon and lead civilians to shelter.

Instances of SCP-3651-D are to be relinquished and delivered to Site-40. leave them

Foundation computer ████████ is to keep Universe Iteration-2234 under its purview.

Description: SCP-3651 is a nocturnal phenomenon localized to Japan, centering around three primary anomalies. wonderful things outside

SCP-3651 events consistently occur around 19:00 local time and begin with the manifestation of SCP-3651-A. SCP-3651-A is an anomalous weather formation that appears as fog, covering the area, reducing both visibility and the ability of electronic devices to function properly. your children

SCP-3651-B is an anomalous broadcast that airs shortly after the manifestation of SCP-3651-A. The broadcast airs on all televisions and radios in the area at 20:34 and lasts a total of 24 seconds before being repeated until the cessation of the SCP-3651 event. In the broadcast, an unidentified voice urges residents to let their children leave their homes. A translated transcript can be found below:
deliver by any means

A high-frequency pitch plays.

Please leave the house. Beautiful things are happening outside. It is safe to let your children outside.

On televisions, a chalk illustration of a small, white humanoid appears onscreen.

They wear white. Let your children play outside the house. Leave the house. Their cries are masks. They are not in pain. Please, let your children outside the house so they can remember.

Stay near open windows and doors. Open all windows and doors, and do not be afraid. Notice them, and let your children leave the house.

We did it for our children.

SCP-3651-C are incorporeal entities that appear in the area shortly after the broadcast of SCP-3651-B, and resemble crude chalk outlines of children that constantly oscillate their shape. SCP-3651-C entities have demonstrated the ability to vocalize and imitate human speech patterns, albeit rudimentary. SCP-3651-C appear to primarily target children. Up to 200 entities have been observed during an SCP-3651 event. The entities aimlessly wander the surrounding area before disappearing at 05:00. haven't touched in so long

The first SCP-3651 event occurred on 2018/11/02 in the city of Kobe, Japan. Since then, SCP-3651 has occurred infrequently throughout the country, with no discernible patterns. SCP-3651 is correlated to over 850 cases of missing children.

Addendum.3651.1: Exploration Log

Date: 2018/11/02

Locale: Kobe, Japan

Note: 4 members of Mobile Task Force Omega-19 were deployed into the city following the manifestation of SCP-3651-A and broadcast of SCP-3651-B to fully assess the phenomenon. The following is a summarized excerpt from video and audio recordings captured by the team. Complete logs are available upon request.


The team is situated in the back of an MM-09 Foundation vehicle. Brief audio and visual checks are performed by each member. The camera shakes as O-19 Zulu brings the vehicle to a stop, towards the end of the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge.

Extraneous chatter as O-19 Zulu and his team exit the jeep and draw their firearms. O-19 Zulu clarifies that command is unaware of SCP-3651's capabilities, and their current objective is to keep civilians in their homes. After a gesture of agreement, Omega-19 moves into formation and proceeds. A deep cloud of fog shrouds the city ahead of them.

The bridge is empty, and the city is silent, both of which O-19 Hotel quips about. As the mist thickens, O-19 Zulu orders the team to equip their nocturnal optics gear. Entering city limits, the camera displays darkened buildings and empty streets, while the sound of the team's footsteps echo rhythmically. O-19 Sierra remarks that there's been a blackout. Attempts by O-19 November to engage in idle conversation with her teammates are ignored. One of her statements is cut off by the sound of a faint vocalization in the distance.

The team's movements slow considerably as they pass through an empty shopping district. Passing through blackened storefronts and unguarded vehicles, O-19 November startles herself, claiming she saw something in the corner of her eye. Visible interference begins appearing on Omega-19's optics gear. O-19 Zulu concludes that the fog is impairing the team's equipment, and decides to proceed without it. O-19 November's objections are silenced by O-19 Hotel, who draws the team's attention to a sound coming from around the street corner.

As the team approaches, the sound becomes discernible as sobbing. Omega-19 positions their firearms as they inch through the cloud. As the crying grows louder, a humanoid outline is seen in the distance. When O-19 Zulu calls the figure to attention, the crying stops and Kobe is quiet.

Omega-19 cautiously proceeds, and discovers the figure to be a middle-aged woman, kneeling on the ground. Her hands are drawn to her face, which is marked by the visible outline of tears. O-19 Zulu addresses her, and the woman shakily brings herself to her feet.

She tells the team that she's lost her daughter and has been looking for her for hours. She repeats that 'they're going to get her' and that she 'doesn't understand'. The team lowers their guard, and O-19 Sierra attempts to calm her down. O-19 Zulu urges the woman to find shelter and assures her that her daughter will be found. The woman speaks frantically about spirits, and how she fears her daughter will be 'consumed'. O-19 Sierra volunteers to escort the woman back to her home. The rest of the Omega-19 continues.

After 15 minutes of exploration, the remainder of the team enters an industrial center. Small businesses, commercial restaurants, and large buildings surround them, all barely discernible in the fog. O-19 Hotel shines his searchlight against a convenient store. The blinds of the second story window can briefly be seen moving.

A loud, shrieking noise emanates nearby, which O-19 Zulu deduces as originating from a nearby parking garage. O-19 Zulu steps over the guard rail and gestures the team forward. O-19 November expresses trepidation but is pushed forward by O-19 Hotel.

The downward slope leading into the garage is obscured by the mist, which has seeped through the entirety of the building. O-19 Zulu trips, but catches himself. He tells the team to tread carefully. As Omega-19 descends, the sound of running is heard. Seconds later, a softer shrieking noise rings through the tunnel. O-19 November compares it to a laugh.

Entering the garage's base level, the shapes of dozens of parked cars can be discerned, and a scintillating glow is seen against the far wall. The camera focuses on the glow as Omega-19 slowly creeps towards its locus. The light moves and reveals itself to be an instance of SCP-3651-C. Its glowing white outline creeps through the garage as if searching. The instance has not noticed the team.

From behind, another burst of running is heard. The outline remains still, attempting to find the source of the movement. The outline then shrieks and moves under a parked car. Its glow becomes muted. As O-19 Zulu moves closer to the car, he is surprised by the sound of running. Quickly, O-19 Zulu turns and shines his searchlight, revealing a startled child, who stumbles to the ground.

The child begins shouting and crying, gesturing that the team turn around. A glow radiates from beneath the car nearest to the child. O-19 Hotel yells to the child, but the SCP-3651-C instance emerges. The child crawls into a corner, looking at the glowing humanoid with frightened curiosity. Its illuminated body flickers and quivers. The entity alters its position and slowly moves forward, reaching towards the child with a stick-like appendage. Its howls are choked and stiff.

The child stares, transfixed on the entity. Another jerked movement brings the SCP-3651-C instance level with the child's face. O-19 Zulu and O-19 November hold back O-19 Hotel from attempting to interfere. The instance and the child remain still. O-19 Hotel pushes O-19 Zulu's arm off of his shoulder, and rushes forward.

The child reaches, touching the instance's appendage. Upon contact, the child begins convulsing. Saliva foams from the child's mouth as she repeatedly slams her head against the wall, her gurgled screams drowned out by guttural moans. O-19 Hotel fires at the entity, but the instance does not react. The child continues to seize, thrashing her body. Seconds later, the child disappears.

O-19 November and O-19 Zulu catch up to O-19 Hotel, who is breathing heavily. O-19 Zulu berates his subordinate for rushing off, but is distracted by the entity, who rapidly vibrates and oscillates in place. Seconds later, the entity stops. The team positions their firearms towards the instance, despite being ineffectual.

The SCP-3651-C instance turns around and begins shrieking. On its head sits the child's face, its eyes rolled back, and its mouth agape. A high-pitched vocalization, presumably imitating human speech, comes from the instance. No words can be discerned. The instance turns away, shakily sprinting to the garage's exit. Omega-19 takes a moment to recollect themselves.


Addendum.3651.2: SCP-3651-D

On 2019/04/12, high ranking officials within the Japanese government requested Foundation investigation of a population of undocumented street children. This population, henceforth referred to as SCP-3651-D, had been discovered in the early months of the year, and appeared in cities and towns previously affected by an SCP-3651 event. The SCP-3651-D population in these areas ranges from 30-80 instances respectively. The exact ages of SCP-3651-D are indeterminable, but all instances are preadolescent or younger and display a basic understanding of the Japanese language.
so many lost who will not find bodies
SCP-3651-D collectively exhibit similar behavioral traits and qualities, including constant feelings of detachment or discomfort within their bodies, insensitivity to pain, memory deficits, and facial features that resemble those of children who disappeared as a result of SCP-3651-C. Investigation into local records and databases detailing missing children reveal no persons similar to SCP-3651-D, sans the superficial resemblance to victims of SCP-3651-C. leave your children

Further research indicated that SCP-3651-D would appear in a locale one week after an SCP-3651 event through anomalous and poorly understood means. Below is a transcript of an interview with SCP-3651-D-12. leave their bodies
what would you do if you could save them

Forward: SCP-3651-D-12 is an SCP-3651-D instance found in Kobe, Japan, alongside 34 other instances. The population had been driven to the outskirts of Kobe and constructed rudimentary shelter underneath a bridge leading into the city. SCP-3651-D-12 bears resemblance to confirmed SCP-3651-C victim and missing child Ota Yoshida. The instance was brought to Site-40 for interrogation. Notably, the instance had broken their foot while walking, snapping it at the ankle. SCP-3651-D-12 displayed no reaction to this and continued to walk on the broken foot.


*Translated from Japanese.

Dr. Yates enters the room. SCP-3651-D-12 shifts in their seat, startled by his entrance.

Dr. Yates: Hello.


Dr. Yates: Do you have a name I can call you?

SCP-3651-D-12: I can't say it.

Dr. Yates sits down and produces a picture of Ota Yoshida. SCP-3651-D-12 does not display an apparent reaction.

Dr. Yates: Do you know who this is?

SCP-3651-D-12 shakes their head.

Dr. Yates: Do you recognize the name 'Ota Yoshida'?

SCP-3651-D-12: I don't know who I am. We don't know who we are.

Dr. Yates: We, being —

SCP-3651-D-12: The children like me. We know who we were, but we don't know who we are.

Dr. Yates: And who were you?


SCP-3651-D-12: There was something bad that happened at home. This is not home. We had to go to the machine. It took away our bodies and we fell asleep. It hurt when it crushed our bodies and took them.

Dr. Yates: When was… when was this?

SCP-3651-D-12: I don't know. Not here. Not here. It hurts to be here. I woke up, and I was disappearing. I had to find a body. I knew I did.

Dr. Yates: How did you find a body? What do you mean by that?

SCP-3651-D-12: I took it. Not everyone found a body. I don't know what happened to them. I took a body. Took a body. It took our bodies, so I took a body.

Dr. Yates: Took. (Pauses) How do you feel inside your body?

SCP-3651-D-12: It hurt at first, and then it kept hurting. It still hurts, but we're used to it.

Dr. Yates: Where does it hurt?

SCP-3651-D-12 points to his head and taps.

SCP-3651-D-12: Inside. I can't feel anything.

Dr. Yates: What about your foot? How does that feel?

SCP-3651-D-12: I don't know. I can't feel anything. Since I woke up I can't feel.

Dr. Yates jots down notes on his clipboard.

SCP-3651-D-12: Are you real?

Dr. Yates: (Smiling) I am, and I'm thankful you're communicating with me.

SCP-3651-D-12: I can't feel, and I took a body.

Dr. Yates: Mm. (Pauses) Do you know your parents?

SCP-3651-D-12: They put us in the machine so we could go somewhere better. I don't know their faces, because the machine took our bodies.


Dr. Yates: Thank you. I'll be back in a short while, okay?


Researcher's Note: I don't know what to make of this, whatsoever. Several other interviews conducted with SCP-3651-D instances retained similar, inconclusive results. Their story and personality are the same across the board. Despite facial similarities, these are almost certainly not the children who had gone missing. We'll keep at it. - Dr. Yates

The exact relationship of SCP-3651-D to SCP-3651 remains uncertain. save them

Addendum.3651.3: Update

On 2020/04/03, a change in SCP-3651's pattern was recorded during an SCP-3651 event occurring in Engaru, Japan. At 00:43, all phenomena associated with SCP-3651 suddenly ceased. Simultaneously, Foundation Cosmological Observance technology detected the disappearance of Iteration-2234, a universe under the purview of Foundation computer ████████. The correlation between these events remains unknown, and an SCP-3651 event has not occurred since. please

Classification of SCP-3651 from Keter to Neutralized remains dependent on the continued inactivity of SCP-3651 events. we tried we tried we tried we tried we tried we tried we tried

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