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The picture side of an instance of SCP-3650

Item #: SCP-3650

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3650 is held inside of a standard containment locker on Site 19. Research personnel are not permitted to look at both sides of any instance of SCP-3650. D-Class personnel may only be shown both sides of an instance of SCP-3650 during scheduled testing. The containment locker may only be opened with written permission from the active senior researcher. SCP-3650 may not leave Site 19.

After the results of Test #12, subjects under the effects of SCP-3650 must be physically restrained.

Description: SCP-3650 is a collection of 10.16 X 7.62 cm Polaroid photographs (SCP-3650-1) depicting various landscapes. Poems, specifically 5-7-5 haiku, are written in red ink on the back of each instance. Every picture is signed “Rem Z.” who is presumably responsible for the photographs, the poems, or both. All photographs are devoid of persons.

The anomalous effects of SCP-3650 trigger when a human is exposed to both sides of an instance. At this point, subjects feel a strong compulsion to go to the exact place where the photograph was taken, using all resources available to them. Subjects will also leave items at the location, such as coats, food, and books.

Exposure to one side of an SCP-3650 instance does not trigger the anomaly. Researchers hypothesize that this is due to a memetic agent embedded in SCP-3650 instances. Research into this theory is still ongoing.

The Foundation is currently in possession of twelve instances, but it is possible that more instances exist.

Recovery Logs:

Test Logs:
These are brief summaries of SCP-3650 instances. Personnel should ask Dr. Rolick for access to the remainder of the tests.

NOTE: Due to the nature of SCP-3650, each test will contain either the picture, or the haiku and a description of the picture.

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