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Item#: 3648
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Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-3648 is predicated upon research into and development of early detection methods for SCP-3648 events. All Foundation military force is to be considered available and expendable in the cause of terminating any individual found to be instigating an SCP-3648 event.

Description: SCP-3648 is a theoeschatological/cosmogenic phenomenon that has the potential to cause CK-class Reality Restructuring Scenarios. The cause(s) of SCP-3648 and the condition(s) which may increase or decrease its likelihood of occurring are not fully understood. However, according to Foundation DEEPWELL exo-reality data storage archives and other K-class contingencies, it is known to have occurred ██ times prior to the present iteration of reality. Due to their anomalous nature, further SCP-3648 events may have occurred yet not been detected.

Based upon said exo-reality detection methods, SCP-3648 is believed to occur in several stages:

  • Each SCP-3648 event is precipitated by a single sapient (human or otherwise) individual native to the planet Earth.1 It is not known whether the involved individual is selected by an intelligent being or beings, a product of circumstance, or by random chance. Suspected factors in the provenance of such individuals include:
    • Having been born and/or raised near the coastline of a saltwater ocean or one or more very large freshwater lakes.
    • Uralic or Tungusic ancestry, especially among humans.
    • Great artistic talent, especially of a musical nature, or a personal history of such achievement, typically unrecognized.
    • Certain genetic predispositions to anomalous behavior.
    • An abusive or otherwise antagonistic figure in the person's life.
  • The specific factor(s) that induce an SCP-3648 event are not known, but the beginning of a new SCP-3648 event does include at least one overt anomalous occurrence by which it may be detected.
    • All land surfaces on the Earth will anomalously and instantaneously become immersed in water of variable depth. This immersion does not appear to cause consequences expected from such an event: objects are not damaged by the presence of this water; biological activities of plants, animals, and persons are not notably affected; and water of this type does not appear to drain from locations where it would be expected to drain (hills, upper floors of buildings, etc.). Additionally, this water appears to exhibit an antimemetic effect upon intelligent life: its presence is not noted as unusual except by highly mnestisized persons or instrumentation resistant to reality shifts.
  • The individual instigating the event will inevitably disappear in one of a variety of anomalous ways. Most such ways involve the individual bidding farewell to their family, personal friends, and/or community and departing their home, though without making ordinary travel preparations. In all known cases, the individual departs over water, taking little with them beyond their clothing and at least one method of producing fire.2
  • Little information about the progression of an SCP-3648 event beyond this point is available in the DEEPWELL files, with the exception of fragmentary Hume readouts and reality disruption reports, and the exploration log filed in Addendum 3648-1.

Addendum 3648-1: Recovered Footage From Iteration █████

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