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Item #: SCP-3646

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All contained instances of SCP-3646 are to be kept in a sealed chamber accessible only by sterilized airlock, and provided with a total of 7 ml of sugar water daily. A maximum of 1,000 live instances are to be kept at any time. Personnel entering the chamber are to wear a Type 2 full-body hazmat suit. No personnel are to make direct skin contact with deceased instances of SCP-3646. Deceased instances and excess instances are to be disposed of by incinerator.

Foundation bioweapon S-031106 has been created and engineered to specifically target instances of SCP-3646 and rapidly accelerate decomposition of deceased SCP-3646 corpses. S-031106 is to be deployed worldwide, with focus on areas with high insect population.

Foundation webcrawlers are to identify possible reports of SCP-3646 activity near populated areas, and MTF Nu-15 ("Flyswatter") is to be deployed to confirmed sites. Wild instances of SCP-3646 are to be lured using synthesized pheromones, then killed using S-031106 or toxic gasses. Deceased instances of SCP-3646 are to be incinerated immediately. Class-C amnestics may be issued to aid in cleanup efforts afterwards.

Description: SCP-3646 is an unclassified species of insect in the Culicidae1 family. Similarly to many other members of the family, individual instances of SCP-3646 possess 6 legs, 2 pairs of wings, and a sharp proboscis used for feeding off of the blood of other organisms. SCP-3646 is visually discernible from other species of mosquitoes by pale white coloration and a long, feathery appendage extruding from the abdomen. It is unknown what purpose this appendage serves.

Instances of SCP-3646 do not shows signs of aging, and have a currently unknown lifespan. Instances of SCP-3646 have been confirmed to be sexless. After a death caused by SCP-3646, large amounts of new instances regularly materialize on or near the corpse, confirming an alternate anomalous method of reproduction.

The anomalous abilities of an instance of SCP-3646 activate upon its death. Immediately after brain functions cease, the next organism to come into direct physical contact with any portion of the corpse will begin to display a progression of anomalous symptoms. After an outbreak of SCP-3646 was neutralized in Gitaza, Burundi, several affected persons were taken into Foundation custody for interview and observation. A cover story regarding a new strain of the Zika virus was spread, and it was explained that the victims of SCP-3646 were being taken into quarantine. Several relevant excerpts from interviews with a Mr. Anatole Ubondu over the course of his deterioration are included here:

  • Stage 1: Manifests 1-2 hours after initial contact. The victim will begin to experience mild auditory hallucinations, reporting to hear the sound of a mosquito flying past their ears. These hallucinations occur an average of twice hourly. The hallucinations may cause the subject to reflexively swat the air near their ears. Mild agitation as a result of the hallucinations is present in 32% of recorded cases.

Excerpt 1, 3 days after initial affliction. Stage 1.

Dr. Sambre: How are you feeling today, Mr. Ubondu?

Anatole Ubondu: I am fine. The insect keeps bothering me, though. I am sure I swatted it.

Dr. Sambre: I see. Have you seen the insect since you first swatted it?

Anatole Ubondu: No, it must be moving very fast. But I will be faster. Mosquitoes spread so much sickness here, we must kill them quickly. Yes?

  • Stage 2: Manifests 5-8 days after onset of Stage 1. Auditory hallucinations double in frequency, with some subjects reporting multiple instances of the sound simultaneously. Victims also report the hallucinations becoming louder and persisting for longer. Subjects also begin to suffer from a seemingly permanent case of horripilation2. Subjects in this stage furthermore habitually attempt to cover exposed skin as much as possible.

Excerpt 2, 7 days after initial affliction. Stage 2.

Dr. Sambre: Mr. Ubondu, do you have anything new to report?

Anatole Ubondu: Your building is not as fine as it seems, a new mosquito has snuck in. Ha! I hear it along with the other. They are both sneaky, I still cannot see them. But they fear me, they have not bitten me yet!

Dr. Sambre: Ok. Please let us know if you see any of the mosquitoes, or if you hear any more.

Anatole Ubondu: I will do better than that. I will swat one, and keep it as a trophy! I have stopped disease in my town for a long time, and I will not stop now. I keep track of how many I kill! 73! Ha!

  • Stage 3: Manifests 4-6 days after onset of Stage 2. Subjects report frequent tactile hallucinations of small organisms, described as mosquitoes by 78% of victims, on their limbs and neck. The timing of the tactile hallucinations coincides with that of the auditory hallucinations, with the former occurring within 1 minute of the latter. The frequency of hallucinations increase to an average of every 7 minutes. Extreme agitation in subjects is noted in all cases, with subjects attempting to violently swat their hallucinations. It should be noted that tactile hallucinations can be halted by applying physical force to the affected area, usually by the victim's swats.

Excerpt 3, 12 days after initial affliction. Stage 3.

Anatole Ubondu: Bah. The bugs are costing me sleep. There are many more of them now, have you not heard of window screens?

Dr. Sambre: We're sorry, Mr. Ubondu. We're doing everything we can to find out where they're getting in. In the meantime, tell us what you can about the mosquitoes. If you still haven't seen them, how do you know specifically what type of insect they are?

Anatole Ubondu: How do I know? How do I know?! What other insect flies by your ear, always buzzing and whining? They have taken to landing on me! It is only because I swat them away that I have not yet been bitten!

Dr. Sambre: Mr. Ubondu, please try to remain calm. We're trying to help you.

  • Stage 4: Manifests 3-4 days after onset of Stage 3. Subjects will begin to experience increased blood flow in all regions of their body, and the auditory hallucinations will become constant, resulting in sleep deprivation and a state of panic. The tactile hallucinations will intensify to the point of causing momentary stinging pain, and can no longer be halted by physical contact. Subjects will also begin to develop intense itching all over their limbs, neck and face.

Excerpt 4, 15 days after initial affliction. Stage 4.

Anatole Ubondu:(shouting) The mosquitos are covering me! See what you have done! The buzzing, the buzzing will drive me mad! I can feel them on my skin, so why can I not see them?

Dr. Sambre: Mr. Ubondu-

Anatole Ubondu:(shouting) Do not speak to me, foolish woman! Help me instead!

Dr. Sambre: Mr. Ubondu, please, stop scratching yourself! You'll hurt yourself, and we'll have to restrain you if that happens.

  • Stage 5: Manifests 1-2 days after onset of stage 4. Low-raised welts will begin to develop over the entirety of the subject's body, consistent in location with the tactile hallucinations. The welts show symptoms congruent with that of a non-anomalous mosquito bite. Auditory hallucinations intensify, with 16% of subjects describing the sound no longer as buzzing, but instead as "screaming".

Excerpt 5, 16 days after initial affliction. Stage 5.

Anatole Ubondu: …I see them at last…They are all the ones I have stuck down…Screaming, swarming for my blood…not to feed…but for vengeance…

Dr. Sambre: Mr. Ubondu? Mr. Ubondu, please hold on. Can you elaborate?

Anatole Ubondu: Enough!…they could not kill me in life…so they kill me in death…I hate mosquitoes.

  • Stage 6: Manifests 12-14 hours after the onset of stage 5. At the beginning of Stage 6, the blood in the subject's body will begin to dematerialize slowly over the course of several hours, resulting in complete exsanguination and death of the victim. How this is achieved and where the displaced blood disappears to is unknown.

After excerpt 5, the subject did not respond to any further communication attempts, and did not speak apart from quiet crying. The subject expired due to exsanguination during Stage 6 17 hours later. 73 new instances of SCP-3646 manifested on the corpse, 50 of which were disposed of and the rest were added to containment. The subject's body was returned to his family for burial.

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