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Item #: SCP-3642

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3642 are presently in containment. As of 02/06/2017, the public disinformation and amnestic campaign to suppress knowledge of the effects of the SCP-3642 release has been completed, apparently with complete success. Foundation assets monitoring media outlets, social networking sites, and emergency services have had their list of keywords updated to identify future SCP-3642 instance usage. Standard medical quarantine and disinformation campaigns are typically sufficient to suppress individual cases. Embedded agents are monitoring Fresh and Free Incorporated production and staff. Due to the effects of SCP-3642, which are incurable, permanent, deleterious to the effected subject's quality of life, and represent a potential information breach if witnessed publicly, testing of SCP-3642 is permanently suspended by order of the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-3642 is a brand of moisturizing skin cream, labelled as 'Hawaiian Breeze Tropical Topical Tropical (Sic) Cream,' manufactured by the cosmetics corporation Fresh and Free Incorporated. In early 2017, the product saw a limited launch, which was cancelled after six days, when the anomalous properties of SCP-3642 became apparent. The party or parties responsible for the incident have not yet been identified.

Upon application, the anomalous effect of SCP-3642 goes through three stages. The first stage, lasting from two to three days, is marked by glossy, healthy-looking skin where the cream was applied, and a strong, persistent fruity odor, generally identified as a mix of mango, lemon, and pineapple.

The second stage sees skin and hair at the point of application discolored. Generally, vivid simple color patterns manifest. This stage lasts between six hours and one day. It should be noted that both the first and second stage require only a single application, and given a period of three to four months without further exposure to SCP-3642, they will revert.

If another application of SCP-3642 is applied during stage one or two, however, stage three will occur. At this point, tissue at the application site or sites will rapidly alter over the course of a few hours, coming to resemble tropical scenery, flora, and fauna. These alterations are occasionally reversible with extreme reconstructive surgery.

A partial list of individuals effected by the third stage of SCP-3642, hereafter designated SCP-3642-A, has been compiled below to demonstrate the effects of the anomaly. For the full list of secured instances, see Document 3642-017.

SCP-3642-A Instance Noted Effects
SCP-3642-A12, formerly Daniel McCaulie, 24, Male, Engineering Student Mural of a sandy beach and several palm trees at sunset rendered in natural subdermal pigmentation on upper chest; mural noted to glow with natural phosphorescence in the dark
SCP-3642-A38, formerly Michelle Feist, 31, Female, CPA Brightly-colored plumage, mostly green and yellow, resembling that of a psittaciform1 appear on the instance's cheeks and chin.
SCP-3642-A77, Formerly Margret Pattin, 47, Female, Truck Driver Mango sprouting from right elbow; head of a small monkey of unidentified species sprouting from the left elbow. Throat and upper chest overgrown with large, glossy green-blue foliage.
SCP-3642-A128, Formerly Donald Green, 35, Male, Unemployed Face, especially around the lips, armpits, and groin all overgrown with liana2

Interview SCP-3642-21

Interviewer: Researcher M. Inselmann

Interviewed: SCP-3642-A77 (Margret Pattin; for the sake of rapport, the subject was referred to as 'Margret' for the duration of the interview.)

Researcher Inselmann: Hello, Margret. How are you, today?

SCP-3642-A77: Okay. I mean, not great, obviously. I have a monkey growing out of my arm, after all. It bites. Keeps me up at night. You?

Researcher Inselmann: Ah. I'm good. We'll see if we can…sedate the growth. I have a few more questions, if you don't mind.

SCP-3642-A77: Mind if I ask one of you, first?

Researcher Inselmann: Ask away. If I can answer, I will.

SCP-3642-A77: Will I ever be allowed to leave this place? Looking the way I do, knowing what I know? Will you ever let me go?

Researcher Inselmann: Yes, actually. You're one of the lucky ones. Testing has indicated that your growths don't grow back. We're planning to remove them surgically. You'll also be dosed with a drug that affects your long-term memory, and returned to your old life. In a week, this will all be forgotten.

SCP-3642-A77: Really? God, that's good to hear.

Researcher Inselmann: Mind if I ask my questions, Margret?

SCP-3642-A77: Oh, yeah, please, be my guest.

Researcher Inselmann: Could you go over the circumstances that led to you buying the topical cream?

SCP-3642-A77: Sure. I was running a load of cheap car parts from Mexico- I'm a truck driver. I was in Arizona, and the damned desert climate kills me. Just absolutely kills me. I was born in Canada, you know, my blood is too thick for the heat. So whenever I pass through the Southwest, I always pick up a big jug of water and a bottle of cream, to keep my skin from cracking. I think I got them both from a pharmacy in some little po'dunk town, couldn't tell you the name.

Researcher Inselmann: And when you applied the cream?

SCP-3642-A77: Worked really well. Better than most. My skin felt great. Looked great, too. Smelled lovely. Like some fruity cocktail you'd sip on a beach resort. Whole cab smelt like it. I slathered it on two, three times a day. On my neck, on my elbows. That's where the dry air gets me the worst. Then I noticed- well, you know.

Researcher Inselmann: It'd be better if you could say for the record.

SCP-3642-A77: Okay. Well. My skin turned weird colors. My neck got all glossy and shiny- like wax. Or like the leaves that are there now- and turned bluish-green. One elbow turned a little darker, sort of pinkish-brown- not much different, really. That's where the little bastard monkey is now. The other went red and green. Figured I was having some sort of weird reaction to the cream. Went to the hospital- and a few hours later, you guys showed up. Scared me shitless, all you dark-suited G-man looking guys showing up. Thought it was some heavy contagion thing going on. But then you got me in the van and explained things, and sure enough, an hour of two later, I started growing a mango on my arm. Goddamned weird. Singular experience. Doesn't hurt at all. Just…so damned odd.

Researcher Inselmann: Ha. Yeah, it's an odd one for me, as well.

SCP-3642-A77: …Really wish I could get rid of that fruity smell.

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