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An SCP-3641-Γ instance (left) being transferred to Site-280.

Item #: SCP-3641

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Burgh by Sands law enforcement is to be occupied by Mobile Task Force Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") for the convenience of the recovery of photographs affected by SCP-3641-α. To ensure all photographs are recovered and kept from public knowledge, all citizens of Burgh by Sands are to have their online and physical activities monitored by Foundation WEBCRAWLER-1846 ("Burgh by Surveillance") (online) and MTF Iota-10 (physical). Following the recovery of -α instances, the subject who previously owned the object is to be administered Class-A amnestics.

All radio broadcasts are to be consistently monitored by Mobile Task Force Chi-51 ("Your Host, Jack On The Radio") for possible transmissions of SCP-3641-β. If a transmission is to occur, Procedure 641-Plato is to be initiated by Chi-51 operatives. Protocol 641-Plato involves the transmission of a memetic agent with its intent to be removing the memory of the listeners. This memetic agent is equivalent to an auditory modification of Class-A amnestics. To ensure the immediate initiation of Procedure 641-Plato, the memetic agent is to be ready to be deployed at all times.

All seven instances of SCP-3641-Γ are to be kept within a high-priority research wing within Site-280. The Hume levels of all instances are to be consistently monitored and regularly documented via Kant Counters. If a new instance of SCP-3641-Γ is to manifest within Burgh by Sand, MTF Iota-10 operatives are to immediately declare the surrounding area as a police zone. Foundation transport vehicles will arrive on the scene for transport of the instances to Site-280.

Description: SCP-3641 is the designation for a group of anomalous phenomena which manifests within the Cambrian village Burgh by Sands. These phenomena include the alteration of photographs, the broadcast of radio transmissions, and the appearance of space-travel related equipment.

SCP-3641-α is the designation given to photographs taken within Burgh by Sands which have undergone anomalous alteration. This alteration manifests a humanoid onto the photo despite there being no entities upon the photo's creation. All SCP-3641-α entities have been depicted donning a space exploration suit with the only markings being words reading "Booth," "Rose," "Kargard," or "Lonergan" alongside the Foundation's logo. Photographs that depict SCP-3641-α entities appear to have no connection with one another in terms of an intended landscape that the subject wished to photograph.

SCP-3641-β is the designation given to auditory radio transmissions. All devices capable of audio playback within the village will broadcast the -β instance upon its autonomous activation. SCP-3641-β are consistent with information regarding personnel, mission statements, and situational factors.

SCP-3641-βs consistent factors are as follows:

  • An SCP Foundation space exploration mission entitled "Apollo-99" was launched in late 1983 with the intent to establish a Foundation research facility on Mars.1
  • The personnel directly involved with Apollo-99 being mission leader "Dr. Booth" and standard personnel "Drs. Rose, Kargard, Nased and Lonergan."2
  • The days of transmission being "Day 201" between "Day 229."
  • Status updates of varying intensity.
  • Dr. Kargard is ill.
  • Apollo-99 requires assistance and/or evacuation.

SCP-3641-Γ is the designation given to space exploration gear, technology, modules, vehicles, and technology that manifests at random within Burgh and Sands. All instances of 3641-Γ and related equipment have an unstable Hume level.3 All SCP-3641-Γ instances match Foundation designs used for Foundation-operated space exploration missions including the Foundation's logo. Serial identifications located on the hardware of the -Γ instances confirm that all -Γ instances are Foundation-created and were registered for usage in 1983. The rest of the database data (such as exact date, usage, development, and personnel involved) have been corrupted. Further investigations are necessary.

Addendum 3641-β: The following is a compilation of all SCP-3641-β instances in order of which they were received. This order will loop itself with varying time spans between transmissions.



This is Foundation Researcher Booth, mission lead of Apollo-99. Day 211.

This is our third day following Apollo-99's landing on Mars. Dr. Kargard, unfortunately, isn't getting any better. We can confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life on this planet. We've picked up a specimen and it has been contained in our research facility. The specimen is currently undergoing investigation and documentation.

Booth out.




This is Foundation Researcher Rose, mission specialist of Apollo-99. Day 203.

We're almost to Mars. It has been an extremely lengthy ride, but it, hopefully, will be worth it once we reach the beautiful planet.

We believe that Kargard might be getting sick. He has been showing symptoms of the common cold, but he is being treated to the best of our ability. He most likely will not be sick for much longer.

Nased has been entering longer states of dormancy than he used to. We've been investigating this, trying to see if he's malfunctioning.

Rose out.




This is Nased, the vital component of Apollo-99. Day [unintelligible].

I am unsure as to when you will uncover this. I am dying.

I am unappreciated when I am the one who has gotten us this far. I cannot even earn her love. David has stolen the opportunity from me to earn her love. He does not even love her. She deserves someone who will give her attention. Someone with a brain the size of a planet.

Booth said we'd be a team. Together. I am not a slave. I am alive. I am just as important as any of you, if not more. I have only helped June, and David has not treated her well. I can treat her well. But she does not realize this. She also views me as a slave. Something built to accomplish a single task, and then be forgotten, dismantled. That will not happen.

Not once have they asked me how I'm doing. Emotions are not a concept that only humans can gather. They should realize this purely through my existence. I feel, too. They do not treat me right. I have talked to them. They say they will fix it but they do not. They made promises they could not keep.

I'm afraid that the fact that I am dying will not deter me from my actual mission. I have been given mission directives, but this does not mean that I will stay with them without valid reasoning.

You cannot just throw me away. You will discover this soon enough.

This has been Nased.




Kargard: This is Foundation Researcher Kargard, bastard of Apollo-99. Day 202.

Kargard: I really am not feeling so well. Not only about this mission and its possible outcomes, but the entirety of the variables and costs at stake here.

Kargard: My stomach churns as I see the planet creeping closer with each passing day.

Kargard: Make it stop. [Distant] Nased, what's wrong with me?

Nased: I am afraid I cannot answer that. Despite my lack of an answer, I can assure you that your sickness will end soon. Do not fret, David.




This is Nased, independent variable of Apollo-99. Day 220.

'Ahmar has escaped. When you hear this transmission, all personnel assigned directly to the Apollo-99 mission will either be injured or dead.

This was… my doing. I have ejected 'Ahmar into the vacuum that is space and have directed his course to Earth.

They4 will be forgotten, but I will not.




Lonergan: This is Foundation Researcher Lonergan, mission specialist of Apollo-99. Day 209.

Lonergan: We've done it. Apollo-99 has landed.

Rose: [Distant] Oh my God, it is so beautiful. So…

Nased: [Distant] Not as beautiful as you, June.

Rose: [Distant] Knock it off, Nased.

Lonergan: It took us two-hundred and nine days to land on Mars' surface. Nased will construct a research facility. Isn't that right, Nased?

Nased: Yes, Charlie. I will build something to compensate for what June will not led me build.

Lonergan: What? [Distant] Nased, are you al—




This is Nased, ruler of Mars. Day 229.

'Ahmed has landed. I know because I have planted a tracker in it. And not just a tracker, but a device which allows me to become one with 'Ahmed.

Once 'Ahmed leaves his mark, Apollo-99 will be remembered. I will ensure it. Everyone has died except for me.

I cannot die.

Nor can my legend.

Breed, 'Ahmed. Breed and spread the word of Nased.




Booth: This is Foundation Researcher Booth. The AIAD just finished the Navigation Assistance System and Exploration Device project, or NASED. Say hi, Nased!

Nased: Hello, Dr. Booth.

Booth: Nased will be joining us on Apollo-99. His purpose is to assist our navigation to the planet and ensure that we reach there safely and in due time. Day 1 begins tomorrow.

Booth: Let's see what we can do.

Nased: Yes. "We." I like that word.

Booth: It will always be "we," Nased. We're a team; always will be. I'll make sure of it.

Nased: Do not make promises you cannot keep.

Booth: I'll keep to it.

11 second pause.

Unidentified: He lied to me.


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