Item #: SCP-3640

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel are advised to avoid reading brochures for self-guided tours in the state of Florida, and to bring any such brochures they find to their local Archival Department to be transferred to Mobile Task Force Lambda-12 ("Pest Control").

Lambda-12 has been assigned to investigate potential SCP-3640-Alpha hunting grounds. They are authorized to terminate instances of SCP-3640-Alpha with lethal force. All known SCP-3640 hunting grounds have had their surrounding properties acquired by the Foundation; these properties are to be used as subsidized accommodations for Foundation personnel on mental health leave who have not read any instance of SCP-3640.

The legal department of the Walt Disney Company is currently under surveillance for any documentation that might indicate awareness of SCP-3640-Alpha.

Description: Instances of SCP-3640 are tourist brochures advertising self-guided tours of areas associated with urban legends, hauntings, cryptid sightings, and folklore in the US state of Florida. An individual that reads an instance of SCP-3640 and visits the specified starting location at any of the specified times will be subject to predation by an instance of SCP-3640-Alpha.

Instances of SCP-3640-Alpha are predatory organisms that superficially resemble uniformed mascots associated with media properties owned by the Walt Disney Company mass media conglomerate (such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy). Though they are endemic and widespread throughout the state of Florida, instances of SCP-3640-Alpha are observed to hunt only at the times and locations specified in SCP-3640.

Testing with D-Class personnel has shown that SCP-3640-Alpha instances follow certain rules while selecting prey:

  • SCP-3640-Alpha instances will only approach individuals who have read SCP-3640.
  • If any member of a group has not read the brochure, then SCP-3640-Alpha instances will avoid the group entirely.
  • If all members of a group have read the brochure, then the number of SCP-3640-Alpha instances preying on the group will be equivalent to the number of members in the group.
  • SCP-3640-Alpha instances will not pursue prey that cross outside of Florida state lines.

It is still unclear how instances of SCP-3640-Alpha grow, reproduce, or consume prey.

Addendum: Investigation and Recovery Logs

Addendum: Connections to Disney and the Florida Government
The following letter, bearing the Walt Disney logo and dated to 1979, was recovered from [REDACTED]. All living persons associated with Reuben Askew2, the Orlando Police Department, the legal department of the Walt Disney Company, and SCP-2805 have professed ignorance of this document and SCP-3640. No other documents recovered from Reuben Askew or the Walt Disney company have indicated knowledge of or a connection to SCP-3640.

Dear Governor Askew,

The Walt Disney Company thanks you for your cooperation in this matter regarding the unlicensed Walt Disney character operators. Please pass along the following information, collected by the outstanding men and women of the City of Orlando's Police Department, to the Florida National Guard:

If a character is spotted, call to get its attention and then rapidly flash your flashlights at the costume. If it does not flinch, fire on sight.
Aim at the head if possible; else, aim at the knees to disable them and then finish them off with head shots. Body shots have been shown to lack effectiveness.
Deceased characters are to be incinerated. No other means of disposal are advised.

We are currently pursuing alternative legal means of shutting down these unlicensed operators and hope to achieve a settlement within the end of the year.

Cordially yours,
The Walt Disney Company

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