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Item #: SCP-3636

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3636 is to be kept in a standard secure cell at Site-17. Access to the room requires Level-2 or higher clearance. All staff members involved in the testing of SCP-3636 must be provided with an up-to-date song blacklist document. Under no circumstances are songs from the blacklist to be selected.

Description: SCP-3636 is a 155cm by 85cm jukebox similar in design to a Wurlitzer 1015 with a decorative rainbow-colored light across the top and a golden plate bearing the inscription, "World's Greatest Jukebox". The glass selection screen where one would typically find booklets detailing the songs available is instead replaced with a blue touchscreen displaying a search bar and the text, "Search for song title, artist, or album". SCP-3636 has no slot to insert coins and has no apparent power source.

Selecting a song through the search function will cause a list to appear consisting of every version of the song known to exist, including unreleased early versions of the song as well as every live performance by the original artist. Analysis of live events after the Foundation's acquisition of SCP-3636 confirms that the live versions are accurate to the performance listed. SCP-3636 seems to have a wide temporal range, as original performances of operas that debuted in the Baroque period have been selected.

When a song is selected, SCP-3636's screen changes to display a video with the text "Live Music Video" above it. The video is based on the lyrical content of the song, often directly depicting the events mentioned in the song. Other times the events seen in the video are the result of a play on words. The events in SCP-3636 actually occur at a real world location visible in SCP-3636's video. The phenomenon, referred to as SCP-3636-1, lasts for the length of the song. Effects of SCP-3636-1 may continue after the fact depending on the contents of the video. An instance of SCP-3636-1 is created regardless of whether the song selected has an official music video. All tests of instrumental songs so far have produced music videos without any perceived anomalous effects (e.g., "YYZ" by Rush shows live footage from Toronto Pearson International Airport).

SCP-3636 was discovered by local firefighters during a fire at a bar in ████████, New York that killed 21 individuals. The jukebox was found undamaged with the screen showing a video of the fire from the bar's exterior while playing the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. Class-B amnestics were administered to all survivors and first responders.

Addendum: On ██/██/17, SCP-3636 began playing "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War without any input. No staff were on hand to observe the video event corresponding to the song. Security forces entered the room after noticing the song and discovered former Foundation employee ████ ███████ handcuffed inside the containment room. ███████ was wanted by the Foundation for the theft of six anomalous items. The stolen items were later found to have been returned to their proper locations. A note was found in ███████'s pocket. The note read "Please keep the music playing, I'd rather be friends than enemies. - WGJB" Testing resumed by order of O5. Further test results are to be documented in Experiment Log 3636.

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