Item #: SCP-3633

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3633 is to be kept in a standard safe-type anomalous locker. SCP-3633 is to be inspected once a day for new pictures.

Description: SCP-3633 is a factory standard iPhone 5 with a cracked screen and significant burns to the internal workings. Though this should render the device inoperational, SCP-3633 is fully functional. SCP-3633 remains at 0% battery life regardless of useage or attempts at charging it. There are two contacts in the phone, one labeled "Me" and the other labeled "Behind Me", both of which have no functioning phone number. Persons viewing pictures on SCP-3633 express an unfounded feeling of being watched from behind.

When SCP-3633's camera is activated, the screen display becomes too dark to distinguish any features from the live preview. This preview is occasionally interjected with still images, however these images are too blurry to accurately identify. Further analysis shows that the majority of the objects in the images are in contact with the camera lens.

SCP-3633 has received a total of three calls while in containment: two from "Me" and one from "Behind Me". While the phone rang, the screen became unresponsive, and personnel were unable to answer the calls. A voicemail was left by "Behind Me", which consisted of three minutes of leaves rustling, followed by a 'crack'. After this was fifteen seconds of a high pitch creak, followed by a mechanical clicking noise that ended the call.

SCP-3633 was found on a desk in an abandoned apartment in Pittsburgh, along with several other anomalous objects (now classified as AO-9099 through AO-9108). The words "IN FRONT" were etched onto the desk next to SCP-3633. No records of the occupation of the apartment were found, although the landlord had financial compensation to suggest paid residence for over eight months.

Addendum SCP-3633-1: Researchers attempted to communicate with "Me" and "Behind Me". The following is the results from these tests. Communications sent from SCP-3633 were sent to both "Behind Me" and "Me" in a group text and are labeled "SCP-3633".

4:12 - SCP-3633: Hello? Is anyone here?

4:12 - Me: 🙈

4:12 - Behind Me: 👀

4:13 - SCP-3633: Who are you?

4:15 - SCP-3633: What are you?

4:22 - SCP-3633: Hello?

11:47 - Behind Me: 🤐

No further responses have been recorded.

Addendum SCP-3633-2: At sporadic intervals, SCP-3633 began receiving texts from "Me" and "Behind Me" regardless of SCP-3633's cellular connection. These texts always appeared in pairs, with one of the contacts sending a picture with a caption, and the other contact sending a text.

The text messages differed from the normal messaging format used previously by SCP-3633, however all screen shots of these texts created a picture of static. Therefore, transcriptions of the messages received from SCP-3633 are presented instead. The name of each file as well as the content of the messages was transcribed exactly, including replicable stylistic and aesthetic details.

After the final message was sent, accessing the camera app showed only a single image:

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