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SCP-3627 upon initial recovery

Item #: SCP-3627

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3627 is to be contained in a standard non-humanoid holding cell at Site ██. SCP-3627 is to be kept in a soundproof containment cell under constant video surveillance. Any recorded instances of unprompted anomalous behavior on the part of SCP-3627 are to be reported to a supervisor of Level 3 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3627 is a children’s music box approximately 23cm x 15cm x 8cm in size. The word “ACROBATS” is written on the front of SCP-3627, below which is a glass casing containing two acrobat figurines connected at the hands to a rotating axle. At the base of SCP-3627 is a small compartment with the phrase “DREAMY JASTERS” written in faded paint. No company or manufacturing labels are present on SCP-3627, and attempts to identify the origins of SCP-3627 have been unsuccessful.

The anomalous properties of SCP-3627 manifest when a human inserts an object into SCP-3627’s base compartment. Objects inserted by nonhuman entities have not triggered any anomalous phenomena. Upon the insertion of an object and the closing of the compartment, the two acrobat figurines within SCP-3627 will rotate around the central axle, and a series of chime-like sounds will be produced. The exact pattern of these sounds varies depending on the object inserted and the individual performing the insertion. A single iteration of the pattern will generally last between 5 and 15 seconds and will repeat for a period between 4 and 8 hours. Attempts to open the compartment door during this process using conventional means have been met with failure.

Subjects who have experienced the effects of SCP-3627 report vivid and emotionally charged dreams. Although the contents of these dreams vary widely between instances, certain similarities are always present.

  1. Dreams invoked by SCP-3627 always exhibit some relation to the inserted object, whether it be directly, through the literal presence of the object in the dream, or indirectly, through an idea or experience that the subject associates with the object.
  2. Despite the frequent presence of disturbing content within these dreams, subjects will ultimately view them as a positive experience, and will feel a sense of peace upon awakening.
  3. Subjects who experience dreams invoked by SCP-3627 will lose any prior attachments to the inserted object, as well as any personal or abstract concepts associated with said object. This is the only known permanent effect of SCP-3627.

Upon the conclusion of the musical pattern, the object formerly inserted into SCP-3627 will no longer be present within the compartment. The location of inserted objects following their disappearance is currently unknown. In place of the object will be a 6cm x 6cm segment of paper containing a typed note.

Notes delivered by SCP-3627 are generally between 6 and 12 lines long, and are loosely formatted in iambic pentameter (see Addendum 3627.3) with an alternating rhyme scheme. While these notes are generally only produced after the insertion of an object and the completion of SCP-3627’s auditory process, the appearance of a note without the occurrence of these events has been observed on 1 2 occasions. The notes themselves are non-anomalous in their physical composition. However, the written contents of the notes indicate a level of sentience on the part of SCP-3627. The notes are always directed at the subject who most recently experienced SCP-3627 auditory effects, and generally provide cryptic analysis and advice regarding their relation to the inserted object (see Addendum 3627.2 for more information). SCP-3627 always uses plural pronouns when referring to itself within these notes, suggesting that multiple entities may be responsible for SCP-3627’s effects. SCP-3627 will occasionally reference its SCP status and its current location within Foundation custody, as well as knowledge of other SCPs and Foundation activities. SCP-3627’s level of knowledge regarding the Foundation is currently unknown, as is its means of accessing said knowledge.

Addendum 3627.1: Initial Discovery

SCP-3627 was discovered by Agent ██████ during a routine thrift shop sweep in ████████, Montana. Upon inspection, SCP-3627 produced the following note. No objects were inserted prior to the production of this message, and no auditory phenomena were observed.

Hello, Agent ██████, it seems you’ve found
An object that is worth being secured
Contained, and yes, protected for its sound
A wondrous tune that you have not yet heard
Just place a gift into our waiting grasp
A memory that haunts your waking mind
And in return we shall relax the clasp
That keeps it with your soul so intertwined
Your line of work is filled with those who need
the closure and the peace that we bestow
Bring those that are desiring of this deed
we’ll ease the pain and help them to let go

Upon realizing the note contained obvious allusions to the Foundation, Agent ██████ purchased the object and delivered it to containment personnel at Site ██

Addendum 3627.2: Experiment Logs

The following experiments detail the effects of SCP-3627 on certain individuals upon the insertion of certain objects. Information pertaining to the psychological and personal history of the subjects has been included, as it is believed to be pertinent to the resultant effects of SCP-3627.

Addendum 3627.3: Incident Report █/█/20██

On █/█/20██, 87 days after experimentation on SCP-3627 was discontinued, SCP-3627 produced a pattern of tones without the prior insertion of an object. These tones could be heard outside of SCP-3627’s holding cell, and caused two D-Class personnel to fall unconscious (this was the first instance of SCP-3627 invoking REM sleep in multiple individuals at once). The pattern of tones was repeated for 2 minutes and 34 seconds, a notably shorter duration than those previously observed. Upon the conclusion of the pattern, both subjects awoke and immediately attempted to access the holding cell containing SCP-3627, first by attempting to guess the access code, then by repeatedly ramming into the cell. Their activity was eventually detected by the on-site security system, and armed Foundation personnel were dispatched to the area. Both subjects were successfully terminated before causing a containment breach. SCP-3627’s containment procedures have been updated accordingly.

The following note was found within SCP-3627 shortly after the incident.

We revealed ourselves to you
So that you would take us in
We did this because we knew
You had no short supply of sin
We thought we’d help you to let go
to ease the guilt and help you heal
but we were fools, for now we know
you have no guilt that you could feel
You really think you’re going good
with all that you collect
But then again, of course you would
Secure. Contain. Protect.

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