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Item #: SCP-3624

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-3624-1 are to be monitored remotely and all civilians that come into contact with SCP-3624-1 instances are to be administered class A amnestics. All SCP-3624-1 instances of which associated subjects have expired (as of ██/██/20██, four) are to be kept in standard containment units. The size of the cells is to be adjusted for each individual instance.

GoI-435's operations are to be monitored and all SCP-3624 events are to be interrupted. Zoos and animal shelters in the designated high-risk zones (for details view Document-3624-G13) are to be monitored and all cases of missing exotic animals are to be screened for potential GoI-435 involvement. MTF Gamma-13 ("Rosemary's Lover") is assigned to the task of dismantling the organization and all relevant information is to be reported to the Task Force leader.

Description: SCP-3624 is a thaumaturgic ritual consisting of a number of rites and gestures. It utilizes a number of requisites, most important being multiple animal body parts and silver knives. The ritual involves sewing these body parts together in a shape superficially resembling an animal. The shapes vary in size and form with the smallest documented measuring 1 m in height and 2 m in length and the largest 3 m in height and 12 m in length. After an SCP-3624 event, the body will be buried next to the site of the ritual. After approximately half an hour, the "animal" will become animate and begin displaying life functions, becoming an instance of SCP-3624-1. This happens regardless of how compatible the body parts are with each other and will take place even in biologically implausible cases. Organs of SCP-3624-1 instances are fully functioning and normal processes take place.

These rituals are connected to a cult called "The Gravediggers" associated with ancient Gothic pagan beliefs (designated Group of Interest-435). The group regularly attempts to carry out the rituals, most often in relatively isolated locations. A nearly completed ritual was documented by Foundation operatives and other SCP-3624 events have only slightly deviated from it.

An example contained instance of SCP-3624-1 is characterized by:
• Head of Felis catus (house cat),
• Torso of Canis lupus familiaris (domestic dog),
• Front legs of Ursus arctos (brown bear),
• Lack of hind legs,
• Tail of Sus scrofa domesticus (domestic pig).
It was recovered from █████, Wales after reports of a "monster" in the nearby woods.

The aim of the SCP-3624 ritual is presumed to be a creation of an entity hostile to all sentient life, based on interrogations of GoI-435 members and collected scriptures. Despite this intended goal, SCP-3624-1 instances are generally friendly towards humans. The anomalies imitate the behavior, diet and sounds of animals that they superficially resemble. After becoming animate, the entities will begin moving around the area where ritual took place, seeking a person with whom they could form a relationship, referred to as bond.

So far, all SCP-3624-1 instances have formed a bond, finding an "owner". Individuals that the entities view as their associated subjects perceive them as a common domesticated animal, such as dogs or cats. SCP-3624-1 instances form a strong relationship with these and will go to great lengths to protect them. The anomalies seem to prefer individuals isolated from the society, often targeting old or handicapped individuals. So far no entity has ever harmed its bonded subject and the relationship has even brought positive effects for the subjects, including improvements in mental health.

SCP-3624-1 instances are strongly emotionally bonded and will enter catatonic state if separated from their associated subject for longer periods of time. If the associated person expires, the entity will show signs of grief and stay around the place of residence. At this stage, the anomalies are safe to be retrieved and are unlikely to display hostility, unless directly provoked.

Addendum 3624-A: Transcript of SCP-3624 Event-1

Addendum 3624-B: Interview 3624-1

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