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Item #: SCP-3623

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: As of writing this document, Foundation was successful in containing 13 instances of SCP-3623 out of at least 200 worldwide1. The population of SCP-3623 is slowly increasing by unknown means.

SCP-3623-1 through -11 are to be contained close to their respective hosts, in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-91. Instances are to be housed separately from their hosts but in close proximity of no more than 3 kilometres. On-site personnel are to be reminded that while instances of SCP-3623 do not have the same needs as their hosts, they should be treated as if they had.

An exception is to be made in case of SCP-3623-12 and -13, whose hosts are currently Foundation employees. Due to their similarity to humans and their state as anomalous entities, Protocol Artwork-VII has been devised and applies for any instance of SCP-3623 that transfers to Foundation personnel. See Addendum 3623-2 for more information regarding Protocol Artwork-VII.

Remaining uncontained instances are to be captured if found but no active searching is to be enacted due to difficulty of such task and the low level of danger that SCP-3623 represents.

Description: SCP-3623 is an intelligent species of anomalous symbiotic humanoids, which uses sentient species, usually humans, as their host. The connection between SCP-3623 and its host is psychological and does not require physical contact to form. Persons affected by SCP-3623 experience a variety of symptoms ranging from headache to loss of consciousness, however, they are not in any immediate danger.

Biology of SCP-3623 is identical to human with a few key differences:

  • Only female instances of SCP-3623 exist.
  • Reproductive systems of SCP-3623 do not function2.
  • SCP-3623 do not require any nutrition other than energy drained from their hosts but have completely functioning digestive systems.
  • Stable Hume Field of exactly 0.87 Humes has been observed in all contained instances of SCP-3623 to date and has proved to be the only effective way of identifying instances of SCP-3623 from humans. Instances of SCP-3623 have not been observed to have any reality bending abilities.
  • SCP-3623 have an extremely long lifespan. To date, no known occurrence of natural death has been observed in SCP-36233.

Roughly every 72 hours, SCP-3623 will start a "feeding event". In order for SCP-3623 to start feeding, a distance of maximally 5 kilometres from the host has to be established, otherwise, the subject will starve. There is no observable change in behaviour of SCP-3623 and the entities in question do not report feeling any change either4, however, the host does experience this event as a sudden surge of weariness, sometimes accompanied by headaches. Strength of this surge depends on the time passed since the last feeding event.

An anomalous side effect of this feeding is described as a sudden compulsion to create and engage in activities regarded as artistic, such as writing poems or playing instruments. This can be used as an indicator of the connection between host and SCP-3623 as affected persons may exhibit a change in behaviour. It is to be noted, that this effect only creates artistic compulsion and does not enhance any previous skill. Because of this, instances of SCP-3623 generally prefer people with pre-existing artistic capabilities, when switching hosts.

Addendum 3623-1: Transfer Process

Transfer process occurs only when the host of SCP-3623 dies and cannot happen otherwise. In the opposite scenario, where SCP-3623 dies, the host starts developing symptoms of depression and various psychological problems leading to eventual suicide in 93% of cases. During this process, SCP-3623 will experience a great amount of pain and involuntarily undergo an event similar to metamorphosis. SCP-3623 will replace at least 50% of its genome and go through a complete body and personality change. The memory of SCP-3623 is also replaced. It is to be noted that in some cases, SCP-3623 will retain the memory of its nature as an anomalous entity.

Most subjects will almost instantly accustom to their new personalities and bodies. Their memory is completely replaced with false memories of their life, similar to the effects of amnestic treatment. Interestingly, SCP-3623 is extremely resilient against any other amnestic effect. It is also to be noted that instances of SCP-3623 and their respective hosts often exhibit a subconscious need to stay close to one another, even when not aware of their psychic link.

Addendum 3623-2: Protocol Artwork-VII

Addendum 3623-3: List of contained instances

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