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Item #: SCP-3621

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3621 is to be contained in the High-Security Vault of Dimensional Site-04. Testing with SCP-3621 is not permitted at this time, under any circumstances without direct approval by a majority of the O5 council.

Documentation regarding Hume level fluctuations regarding SCP-3621 are available in Document-3621-S-1, and Document-3621-S-2. Compositional reports are available in Document-3621-S-3.

One Scranton Reality Anchor is to be located within the containment chamber of SCP-3621, at all times.

Description: SCP-3621 is the skeletal remains of former Foundation employee Dr. Michael Magnus, deceased July 17, 20██. SCP-3621 constantly generates a low level elevated Hume field, which has proven to be disruptive to the function of Dimensional Site-04.

Due to the volatile nature of Dimensional Anchoring, and the elevated Hume levels, at this time SCP-3621 is not to be moved.

At this time, no testing shall be permitted with SCP-3621. If testing with Hume fields is required, refer to document SCRANTON-SAGE-6-A-47 to determine if a Scranton Reality Field Generator is appropriate for testing.

Addendum 1: Due to the nature of SCP-3621, at this time, access to Secure Storage at Dimensional Site-04 is restricted to those on the approved list located at [LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED].

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