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SCP-3620 as photographed on initial discovery

Item #: SCP-3620

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3620 is to be contained in a medium-sized animal containment cage of internal volume no less than one cubic meter. The cage must be airtight to allow for monitoring of CO2 output.

The cage is to be cleaned daily before feeding, with the mass of any droppings or eggs produced measured. The daily amount of feed and water provided must equal the mass output within an allowed variance of 1.5g/day.

Description: SCP-3620 is a living entity confirmed by genetic testing1 to be an approximately 5-year-old female domestic chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). Behavior and vocalizations are consistent with those of a chicken, as are the appearance of all tissue samples taken.

SCP-3620 presents visually as a two-dimensional white plane featuring a pictograph and a series of curved lines hypothetized to be language, although they match no previously-encountered alphabet. The size of the plane appears the same relative to the observer's field of view, regardless of distance, and the plane appears parallel to the observer's field of view, regardless of viewing angle. Roughly 1 in 5 observers report mild to moderate headaches after viewing SCP-3620.

Testing indicates that SCP-3620 is physically invariant. It weighs 724.33g, regardless of factors that would normally affect mass. Any tissue samples removed from the specimen, such as drawn blood, plucked feathers, and even entire removed body parts, are instantly replaced. Separated mass appears non-anomalous and degrades at a normal rate. Factors indicating age have consistently pointed to SCP-3620 being approximately 5 years old, despite having been in Foundation custody since 1983-07-05.

As the amount of material produced and consumed by SCP-3620 do not appear to adhere to the standard laws of conservation of mass, any mass shed naturally or removed during the course of testing must be replaced by an equal mass of food to prevent long-term planetary mass discrepancy.

Document 3620-1: Post-recovery interview

Document 3620-2: Suicide note of Dr. F████████

Document 3620-3: Interview with Dr. Charlene M████ following death of Dr. Daniel F████████

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