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Item #: SCP-3618

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its stationary nature, SCP-3618 is contained on site. Provisional Site-67 has been constructed in close proximity to the anomaly and imitates a military base. All civilians attempting to access the restricted area are to be administered Class-A amnestics.

Foundation personnel are not to remain within SCP-3618 between 23:00-01:00. A permanent research team specializing in sociology and economics has been stationed on Provisional Site-67 in order to study the effects of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-3618 is a town located in ████ County. The road signs read Janowsky-White Model, but no records of such a settlement exist prior to its discovery by the Foundation. The town's area varies depending on the iteration, but it has been observed to fluctuate between 112 km2 and 67 km2. The layout of the town as well as the architecture also changes, to the point that SCP-3618 has no defined characteristics and is unrecognizable between its separate iterations, except for the location and presence of SCP-3618-1. Inhabitants of SCP-3618 are non-anomalous while inside the affected area, but are unwilling to leave SCP-3618. If forced to leave the town premises the instance will rapidly decay until no physical matter remains. The same process takes place when any object is removed from SCP-3618.

SCP-3618-1 is a small shed located on the outskirts of SCP-3618. The exact position of the building changes depending on the current iteration, but it is always present. The most important object within SCP-3618-1 is a control board, like that present in 20th century voltmeters. Knobs and switches number 1583 and are each labeled with a socio-economic variable. Examples of labels include:

• Unemployment rate (set to auto to allow for this variable to naturally adjust),
• Marginal propensity to consume - entertainment,
• Marginal propensity to import - entertainment,
• Infant mortality rate,
• Wealth distribution (in development),
• Human reasonability rating (in development - Homo Economicus is finished, but Homo Sapiens still needs work),
• Real GDP growth rate,
• Human spirit rating (avoid setting to "dystopia", equivalent to real-life around 50%),
• Inflation rate,
• Greed,
• Same-sex marriage acceptance rating (in development - full effects on price discrimination not yet modelled).

Position of the switches controls the behavior of SCP-3618 inhabitants as well as the political and economic systems of the town. At 0:00 local time a transformation event takes place. SCP-3618 and all objects and individuals including those not consituting part of SCP-3618 present within it will start to rapidly decay. This process lasts about 10 minutes. Next, a large number of cylinders composed of unidentified1 grey matter, varying in radius and height2 will emerge from the ground, before separating into smaller objects that begin to take shape of buildings, roads and vehicles. The process is complete within 5 minutes. All human instances are believed to be formed within the buildings from which they begin to emerge after the transformation event is complete.

After the transformation event concludes, SCP-3618 will change its properties according to the settings present in SCP-3618-1. All time-measuring equipment will reset, indicating the present date as 20th of July 1987. The current on-site research team is tasked with determining the possible applications of the anomaly for real-world economies. Testing has proven difficult, especially due to the amount of time necessary to obtain the necessary settings for every test.

Inside of SCP-3618-1 multiple hand-written notes and diaries were found. Those describe the work of Dr. George Janowsky, who is believed to be the creator of SCP-3618. Notes also include settings that according to the author best represent existing and theoretical economic systems. Those include "Rothbard libertarianism", "communist utopia", “Stalinism”, "anarcho-primitivism", "anarcho-capitalism", "crony capitalism", "crypto-currency based imitation of Sweden ", “free-market utopia” etc. Multiple other items of everyday use, such as coffee cups, pencils and notebooks were located.3

Addendum 3618-A: Test logs

Addendum 3618-B: Excerpts from materials found inside SCP-3618-1

Addendum 3618-C: SCP-3618 proposal – Scranton Reality Anchors

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