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The following file describes an anomaly pertaining to Project BLACK CREVASSE. Information on BLACK CREVASSE is on a need-to-know basis only.


SCP-3614-2, photographed during descent

Item #: SCP-3614

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immovable nature of SCP-3614-1, it is to remain at its site of discovery. Containment teams have established a 4 km perimeter around SCP-3614-1; civilian traffic is to be rerouted under the guise of a cover story alleging military operations in the area.

Area-31Ω has been established around SCP-3614-1 to carry out exploration of SCP-3614-Prime. Only D-class may enter SCP-3614-Prime with Level 4/3614 permissions.

SCP-3614-2 is to be kept in a standard low-security containment locker. Testing on SCP-3614-2 and access to the information contained within can only be done with Level 5/3614 approval.

The Overseer Council is investigating the credibility of Document 3614-B, which was recovered from SCP-3614-2 upon its discovery on 2/27/2019. In addition, the Foundation is attempting communication with SCP-3614-Prime to gain more information regarding potential anomalous influences on consensus reality. However, current temporal models, namely the Ogundimu-Zhang hypothesis, estimate chances of success to be low: approximately 1 out of 10 ✕ 10100.

Description: SCP-3614 designates a set of three extra-temporal anomalies.

SCP-3614-1 is a conic area of space in Toole County, Utah, United States. The anomaly is approximately 500 meters in height and 2 meters in width at its base, tapering towards its top. SCP-3614-1 appears as a distinct visual distortion of the surrounding area, taking on a prominent crystalline-like appearance and texture. SCP-3614-1 has been reported by on-site personnel to emit a high-pitched noise akin to that of wind blowing.

All matter that enters SCP-3614-1 will be transported to a space-time anomaly designated SCP-3614-Prime. The SCP-3614-Prime anomaly appears effectively identical to Earth; however, numerous aspects of it are inconsistent with those in the baseline reality, as documented below. It is unknown if these deviations extend beyond the SCP-3614-Prime version of Earth, or if they are confined to the planet.

SCP-3614-1 was unintentionally created during preliminary tests of Project BLACK CREVASSE, a Foundation initiative headed by O5-1 and O5-13. Following the discovery of SCP-3614-Prime and failure of initial experiments, O5-1 discontinued BLACK CREVASSE on 6/21/2018. Further information is in Document 3614-A: BLACK CREVASSE Project Brief.

SCP-3614-2 is an ellipsoidal metallic capsule originating from SCP-3614-Prime. Dimensions are approximately 1.3 by 2.8 meters. Analysis has revealed that SCP-3614-2 is comprised of non-anomalous steel along with several other substances unknown to modern science. Further examination of SCP-3614-2 has revealed that it contains an electronic terminal interface similar to those used by the Foundation, from which Document 3614-B was recovered.

SCP-3614-2 was first seen emerging from the top end of SCP-3614-1 on 2/27/2019. Full emergence from SCP-3614-1 took 3 minutes and 21 seconds. After emergence, SCP-3614-2 traveled 264 meters due west via an unknown means of propulsion and crash-landed in the nearby desert. To date, this is the only observed occurrence of contact from SCP-3614-Prime.

Investigation of recovered materials from SCP-3614-Prime has revealed that it exhibits the following critical divergences from baseline reality:

  • Advanced technology beyond the capabilities of currently understood science
  • Different socio-cultural trends throughout history, including increased globalization in the 20th century and overall reduced rates of nationalism, isolationism, etc.
  • The non-existence or otherwise historical displacement of numerous events and time periods of the prime timeline (see Addendum 3614-1)
  • The SCP Foundation revealing its existence to the public in the early 21st century, acting as a global agency with significant influence in the governments of all world powers
  • Most notably, the absence of all sapient life within SCP-3614-Prime

Addendum 3614-1: Major Observed Temporal Deviations

Addendum 3614-2: Selected Correspondence

Document 3614-A: BLACK CREVASSE Project Brief

Document 3614-B: File Encoded in SCP-3614-2


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