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Item #: SCP-3610

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3610 and a 5 meter radius around it are to be enclosed in a 20-meter-tall net to prevent any avian lifeforms from entering. The area is to be monitored, and repairs are to be made should the net be breached.

Description: SCP-3610 is an irregular area of roughly 2.6 km2, located in ███████, Shandong Province, China. SCP-3610 has a salt water pond of roughly 140 m2 in size and 5m deep (referred to as SCP-3610-1) located inside it, and is otherwise filled with pebbles.

Two anomalous properties are observed:

  • When solid matter is placed within SCP-3610-1, the same volume of water will disappear. Dissolved substances present in the water will be left behind. This effect will not reverse even after the object is removed.
  • When avian lifeforms enter SCP-3610 at an altitude of 15m or less, they will stop all previous activities and begin to find and carry stones from the surrounding area, and place them within SCP-3610-1.1 This will continue until they eventually die of exhaustion.

It is theorized that SCP-3610-1 once covered the entirety of SCP-3610, but reduced to the current size due to the anomalous properties.

Addendum: Aside from the remains of avian lifeforms, digging at the site of SCP-3610 found remains of various sea life, as well the skeleton of a female humanoid dating back to around 3000 BCE, later classified as Anomalous Object #72976. DNA analysis of the subject shows no significant differences from baseline human DNA. However, AO#72976 possesses hollow bone structures similar to those found in avian lifeforms and half-developed wings in place of arms and hands. A piece of jade jewelry was recovered from its chest, with Chinese characters of previously unknown variation engraved on it. The text translates to "Beloved daughter of [illegible]".

After AO#72976 was removed from the site, SCP-3610 ceased all anomalous activities. Putting AO#72976 into bodies of water or burying it near bodies of water yielded no result, and SCP-3610 was reclassified as Neutralized.

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