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Item #: SCP-3607

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3607 is to be contained on-site. A perimeter fence topped with barbed wire has been established, and all windows of the structure have been boarded up. Warning signs indicating a chemical hazard have been placed on-site. The structure is to be covertly guarded by at least 2 security officers, dressed as civilian private security.

Security cameras and Kant counters have been installed at strategic points around and within the structure to monitor its activity. Any activity observed within the structure is to be reported to associated researchers with a clearance level of 4 or higher. Documents or objects produced within the structure should be retrieved by remote-controlled drones.

No human subjects are to enter SCP-3607. Direct human interaction with the object is to be kept at a minimum level.

Description: SCP-3607 is a two-story house located in █████, █████. The object is unremarkable in appearance, and similar in structure to other residential units in the area. The object was constructed on ██/██/19██ with no known incidents of anomalous phenomena.

SCP-3607 is capable of causing the disappearance of human subjects within the structure. The exact nature, cause, and extent of this property has not been determined. The door to the bedroom of Devin ████ is locked, and has resisted all attempts to breach it. The bedroom of Devin ████ exhibits a major spatial anomaly, in which gravity is affected and the space contained within the room is much larger than normally possible. This space exists as a concrete tunnel of unknown depth. Any object that crosses the threshold into this space is pulled into the tunnel, or "falls in" as a result of the anomaly.

Aside from this, several other anomalies are known to occur within the structure.

  • Electrical appliances activating or deactivating for no apparent reason, at random intervals1.
  • Sudden decreases in temperature, by up to 8° Celsius, at random intervals. The duration of this phenomenon varies.
  • Fluctuating hume levels ranging from [REDACTED] at random intervals, causing the state of reality within the structure to briefly destabilize.

Evidence suggests that an entity, referred to as SCP-3607-A, exists within the structure. However, all attempts to locate it or identify its nature have been unsuccessful. Researchers believe that the anomalous phenomena occurring within SCP-3607 are attributed to this entity. However, this has not been confirmed.

The Foundation was alerted to the object's anomalous properties when all 4 residents of the structure disappeared without an explanation on ██/██/2002. To date, all attempts to locate said subjects have met with failure.

Exploration Log 3607-1

Subject: D-10221

Procedure: Subject was instructed to remain within SCP-3607 for 24 hours. Subject was issued audio and video recording equipment and a GPS tracker, and was instructed to equip said objects at all times. Adequate food and water were also provided.

Results: Subject vanished at approximately 21:30 hours. The GPS tracker on the subject indicated that he was still in the compound. Communication with the subject remained stable, and the transcript can is recorded in Audio Log 3607-1.

Exploration Log 3607-2

Subject: D-15384

Procedure: Subject was instructed to lower an endoscope into the toilet in the bathroom of the second story of SCP-3607.

Results: D-10221 was not located. No structure corresponding to that observed in Video Log 3607-1 was located. Video feed from the endoscope revealed only structures expected of a non-anomalous sewage pipe. Approximately 100 m of piping was mapped before the test was concluded.

Following Test 3607-2, communication with D-10221 was reestablished and is recorded in Audio Log 3607-2.

Incident 3607-1a: Shortly after the events of Exploration Log 3607-2, D-15384 vanished after all doors and windows of the structure simultaneously slammed shut. Kant counters indicated that hume levels fluctuated [REDACTED] at this point. Communication with the subject remained stable, and the transcript can be found in Audio Log 3607-3.

Addendum 3607-2a: On ██/██/2002, activity was detected from the printer in the study of SCP-3607. It was observed to produce a single document.

A remote-controlled drone was utilized to recover the document, listed in the following text:

Don't come back. Trapped myself in here. If I can't get out he can't get out. If he can't get out he can't hurt anyone. He made my family disappear. He made me do it. He made the prisoners disappear. He made me do it. He is me. Don't come in. Makes him stronger. He makes bad things happen. I make bad things happen. It's not my fault. Can't control him. I don't know what's happening with me. I'm sorry.

Rather than being printed in standard font, the text matches the handwriting of Devin ████, the youngest former resident of SCP-3607, aged 8 years.

All subsequent attempts to communicate with the entity responsible for the message, designated SCP-3607-A, has been met with failure.

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